Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Captain Bailey Rue

Did I ever tell you about the time when Bailey took us cruising around Cass Lake?

Don't believe me?

Well looky here........


So what if she was sitting on Virgil's lap the whole time.

Big deal.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh my gosh are you okay?

FYI: this picture has nothing to do with my actual post.

I just felt like this post needed a picture.

To be honest all posts need a picture.

Words make it real hard to stay captivated.

And like they say a picture is worth a thousand words.
I think I was on ichat with Mysti when this picture was taken?

She prob made some comment about my braided bangs.

I can hear her now....

"Krystle I hate braided bangs. You look like a total polygamist."

Then maybe I said...

"Ya Mysti, I've been meaning to ask you if you'd be my new sisterwife."

Then she prob said,

"Krystle all my dreams came true just now when you said that to me."

Then her and Taylor prob sang me that "Anyone Else But You" song from Juno.

So it seems like I've been really busy the past couple months but haven't really posted about it.

I will catch up so stay tuned and all your dreams might come true too.

But for now I will leave you with an awesome incident I had early October.

So it was a nice October night and Kylee was at the neighbors house playing.

Kylee is my six year old niece.

Corey and I were watching the kids and I marched over to the neighbor's house to tell Kylee it was time to come home.

First of all I just cannot even believe that she'd rather hang out with her friend as opposed to Corey and I.

Seeing as how we are dripping with awesomeness.

Let's call the neighbor parents Margo and Todd.

Okay so I knock on the door. I wait. Knock again.

I'm looking around the porch and notice some real cute fall pumpkins that Margo's got displayed.

Well I must've been feeling cocky that day cause when I took a step back to get a real nice look at them I stepped right off the ONE concrete step and fell right onto my back.

Do not ask me how I fell straight back but I did. And smacked my head on the concrete walkway.

I got up just as fast as I fell. Seeing as how I knew someone would answer the door any moment.

"um holy crap," I thought to myself "did that seriously just happen?"

Just as I stepped back onto the porch Todd answered the door with a huge smile on his face.

"Um did you just see that through the peephole?" I inquired.

"No, did you fall or something?" He asked.

(Okay seriously you DIDN'T see anything but your first response is to ask if I fell? Um..liar)

"Ya I fell and hit my head and I am a total moron is Kylee here?"

"Oh my gosh are you okay?" He prodded.

"Are you kidding me? I am totally fine. Except for my dignity, which I leave here. On your walkway."

"Okay well I will send Kylee home."

"Thanks I appreciate it. Oh. And by the way. Those are some real cute fall pumpkins you got there."

All that being said I think I've learned some lessons the past 11 months.

You see that was not my first "land flat on your back" fall this year.

I've even had a major spill since then.

That night after the fall off the neighbors porch I called my sister Natalie and had a nice little chat.

She pointed out that I am the only person she knows who actually falls "ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE GROUND."

Is that how you put it Nat? I believe so.

Anyways I responded by telling her that it would blow her mind how fast I got up.

My reaction time has gotten quite amazing.

And in that response I think there is a lesson that I just now discovered while I was concocting this post.

Maybe it's not always the actual fall that teaches us the lesson.

Maybe it's our reaction to it?

How fast do we get up?

Or do we just lay there feeling sorry for ourselves until someone finds us?

Maybe sometimes its mandatory for us to fall ALL the way down so we can learn something about ourselves as we are recovering.

Here's another lesson about taking a spill.

Do not ever crash on your go-ped and lay in the middle of the road until Wyley fetches Grandma Sonja.

Cause seriously she just might not believe him.

She might choose to stay put and talk to the nieghbor lady on the phone instead.

All the while you are dragging your go-ped back to the house.

By yourself. Thanks for nothing. Lesson learned.