Friday, January 22, 2010

You bet.

Mr. Johnson invited me up to the middle school.....

Oh, wait did that make it sound fun? Cause it wasn't.

Hours of cleaning up the horrific classroom.

Organizing books, dusting, and throwing away crap.

Need I mention that the classroom is quite the sight to behold now?

No. I didn't think so.

Mission accomplished. Thanks for the invite. Next time I'll pass. You are my hero.

Post Edit: Mr. Johnson was asked to pilot a new reading program today. I truly believe it was because they saw how clean the room was and how neatly his books were organized. Or maybe it was because he is an awesome teacher, who is good at his job. Oh well, who am I to say?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What a Lovely Conversation....

Had quite the conversation with the darling Ivy on my last trip to Arizona.


Ivy: "Do you know what I want to be when I grow up?"

Krystle: "No, what?"

Ivy: " I want to do hair, just like you."

Krystle: "I can't tell if you're serious right now."

Ivy: "I am."

Krystle: "Why is that? What makes you want to do hair?"

Ivy: "It looks like fun. And because you're my idol Krystle."

Krystle: "Now I really can't tell if you're serious, but if you are I will move back from Minnesota and open a salon with you."

Ivy: "Okay sounds good."

Krystle: "Can you just promise me one thing though?"

Ivy: "Sure, what?"

Krystle: "Promise me that after beauty school, you will still go to college and get a four year degree."

Ivy: "Oh, man."

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Lessons Learned. States Explored. Discoveries Made.


2009 was quite a year.

A year of self discovery to say the least.

A year of change.


I will say this.

2009 you were my year.

Packing up my belongings, making a change when I'm not happy with where I'm at;
A brave thing to do and not in the least bit stupid.


I learned to navigate and read a map.


I fell in love with snow. As did Bailey.


I learned to take risks.


I learned to fail and not be ashamed.


I learned how to successfully maneuver through a laundry mat without being accosted.


This year Corey bought me flowers for Mother's Day.
It was the first year I sat in church and ached for a child of my own.
A burning in my heart.
So I guess that means I've discovered I really want to be a mother.


I've learned how to prop my feet up on the table and reflect.


I've learned to appreciate Nature.
It's sad it took looking through a camera to discover it.


I've learned to appreciate a nice leisurely
swing (while wearing your jammies) in the summertime.


Packing up and heading to Arizona is not always easy.
But always worth it.


I learned not all the important things can be boxed up
and taken with you across the country.


I've discovered a deeper love for my husband.
A new found respect.


I have a new perspective on my career.
I think God has handed me an amazing clientele.
I've learned that he knew I would need each of them for different reasons.
They are my biggest fans and cheerleaders.
(Besides family of course)

I have learned that I regret not living in the moment,
enjoying where I'm at.
I tend to worry.
This year I will try not to.

I miss my family but feel I have a deeper appreciation for them.
Being away is hard, but I value the time I have with them.
I will not take them for granted in 2010.

So all that being said,


You were my year.
I learned much about myself,
yet if I never have another year like you again......

That will be just fine.

Welcome 2010, it's nice to meet you.