Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What a Lovely Conversation....

Had quite the conversation with the darling Ivy on my last trip to Arizona.


Ivy: "Do you know what I want to be when I grow up?"

Krystle: "No, what?"

Ivy: " I want to do hair, just like you."

Krystle: "I can't tell if you're serious right now."

Ivy: "I am."

Krystle: "Why is that? What makes you want to do hair?"

Ivy: "It looks like fun. And because you're my idol Krystle."

Krystle: "Now I really can't tell if you're serious, but if you are I will move back from Minnesota and open a salon with you."

Ivy: "Okay sounds good."

Krystle: "Can you just promise me one thing though?"

Ivy: "Sure, what?"

Krystle: "Promise me that after beauty school, you will still go to college and get a four year degree."

Ivy: "Oh, man."


  1. ok that was a classic IVY conversation, one thing I know for sure she loves her aunt Krystal and what a sincere and lovely compliment to hear that you are her IDOL

  2. "Oh, man!"--that's how I sometimes feel about school too! I hope you enjoyed sunny, warm Arizona and brought some of that back with you to Minnesota!! Love you!


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