Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Virgin Blogger here.......

This post is dedicated to those of you who may be confused as to where Krystle and I are currently residing.......

Question:  Did Krystle and Corey move back to Arizona?

Fact:  We are visiting Arizona and staying with Krystle's mom.  Krystle will be spending the next few days working exhaustively at the salon to make my Harley payment.

Question:  Did Corey finally get a job?

Fact:  I have a job offer in Salt Lake City that we are currently discussing and thinking about.
Fact:  I have a second interview with another company on Thursday in Mesa.
Fact:  Just because the interview is in Mesa does not mean the job is in Arizona.

Question:  Are you guys definitely staying in Salt Lake City?

Fact:  It's about the journey and not the destination....(at least that's what I keep telling my wife)
Fact:  We don't have a clue.  Here are some areas that interest us.......

Fact:  The economy is terrible and we need to keep an open mind.  

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Dragon Lady (There are pictures so keep reading.)

Yesterday I was accosted by a very abrasive older lady at the antique store.

She somewhat resembled this lady here.

Okay maybe not that old.
Our conversation went as follows;

Old Lady: "What are you doing here? You're so young."

Me: "What are you doing here? You're so old."

Old Lady: "No I mean, did someone drag you here?"

Me: "No. I came willingly. Did someone drag you here? Because your face kind of looks like it."

Old Lady: " It's just surprising you're so young and like all this old stuff."

Me: "Ha 'stuff'? These are treasures lady. Get over it. I like my Grandpa and he's old."

Old Lady: "Interesting."

Me: "Yes it is. It was a pleasure to become acquainted with you. I think I'll go scratch my eyes out with something 'old' in the corner over there." 

**Confession- I really didn't respond like that. My lines may be a bit fabricated. She, however, did say all those things to me. I did not elaborate on that part. What I really said was this;

Me: "Oh that's funny. I am not that young. I found this place a couple of months ago and I love it. I have found so many unique things here. No one had to drag me at all."

I reflected on this conversation later as I was polishing off my 'old' finds. I regret not saying this;

Me: "I've always been in love with old things. It probably stems back to watching old movies with my Grandma Sonja. Looking at pictures. Learning about my ancestors. Luckily for you ma'am I find beauty in things of old. People of old. I don't come here just to buy silly things. Each purchase I make means something to me. It's called memorabilia. I might buy an apron because it reminds me of Grandma Nicoll. It reminds me of standing in her kitchen or garden watching her work or helping her. I might buy a basket because it reminds me of one Grandma Garrett helped me make at the cabin when I would spend my summers' there. I might buy dishes because they look exactly like the ones Grandma Rhea used to serve me cheese crisps on right before we'd go pick vegetables from her garden. Perhaps, I purchase a doily or salt and pepper shakers because it reminds me of Sunday dinners at Grandma Sonja's house. So you know what my dear aggressive friend? I hope you take time to do these things with your grandchildren so when they're 25 and oh so young they are already looking for treasures that remind them of you."

So dear Old Lady, If I was an ageist like you and believed I was too young to step foot into a store full of antiques how would I ever find..........................

Saturday, February 21, 2009

This Baby


We kidnapped "this baby".

At least that's what my husband kept referring to her as.

He does know her name.

This baby.

"When do we have to give this baby back?" Corey inquires.

"This baby is so precious." He observes.

"Ugh can we wake this baby up? She's been sleeping forever." He begs.

"Man, this baby is hungry." As he feeds her.

"Do all babies sleep as much as this baby?" He asks.

"Do you think this baby knows I am her uncle Corey?"

"I really love this baby Krystle."

"I think this baby likes me more than you." He suggests.

{How would I know Corey? This Uncle won't even let me hold her.}

Last but not least here comes my favorite.

"Krystle this baby makes me want to have my own. I think I am almost ready."

** As a side note This baby accompanied me to the market. I then paraded her around in the cart like one of the Jolie-Pitt twins. You would've thought that's who this baby was too. Everybody loved looking at her and her sweet face and I felt like I was famous. I didn't bother correcting anyone when they assumed I was the proud mother.

In fact, I'm thinking of getting pregnant pronto just to up  my celebrity status at Safeway.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I am mostly grateful for friends like you.

P.S. You are a hoot.

Monday, February 16, 2009

HoMe SwEeT HoMe

Right now I wish I was
Playing Skip-bo
sitting on the ground 
by the front door.

Brooke could say sweet things to me like
"Krystle, I wish you were my big sister."
Yes she's actually said that.
We were walking through an antique store holding hands.
And it was funny because at that moment,
I kinda wished the same thing.
Because I love having sisters.
You can never have too many.

Then Ivy could tell me funny jokes,
Make me laugh 'til my tummy 

After that we could watch
America's Funniest Home Videos,

And pee our pants laughing.

It's been known to happen.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Saturday is a Special Day....

Last Saturday I propped my feet on the dash
And requested that
 my husband chauffeur me around Salt Lake.

First we took a nice cruise past Temple Square.

Saw some nice big buildings,

And this Bowling Alley.
It reminded me of Aimee.
That reminded me of home.

We observed all traffic laws.
Obeyed all posted speed limits.

Zoomed past this neat building.

Welcome to South Ogden.

Still driving.
We had some nice chats.

Conversed about life.
Jabbed about our future family.
What we hope our kids will be like.

All the while Bailey sat on Corey's back.
Her head nestled on his shoulder.
Sometimes we call her our daughter.
And then we laugh about it like we're joking.
But really we're not.

Monday, February 9, 2009


On Saturday morning I caught my husband prying these out of my dogs clenched jaw.

I just think more than anything she is really unappreciative.
It's like she thinks money grows on trees.

You know what Bailey you've been acting like a real princess ever since we started feeding you canned food along with your regular chow.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

They say it's your Birthday.....

** Side note: This is literally the only picture I have of my delightful Mother-in-law. It's sad we don't get to see them as often as I'd like. I really lucked out in the in-law department. They are super great people.

Friday, February 6, 2009

No Autographs Please....

A little celebrity paid me a visit last time I was in Arizona.

She's kind of a big deal. 

Her name is Rylie. 

Look Familiar?

She should. She is my awesome Niece and I brag every chance I get.
When word got out she would be heading to my  house for a few hours, 

People from all over came to bask in her radiating beauty.

This includes Ivy and Bryton.

Even Mysti took a night off from her ever pressing social life to behold Little Miss Rylie's charm.

What do you know Grandma Sonja even showed up to comfort, nurture and pose with our little A-list celebrity.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This past year for 'Grandparents Day' I gave my Grandma and Grandpa Gehring a very special card. 

It was a lovely card. When you opened it up it sang a song and I placed this picture of myself inside the card. Just to remind them how awesome I am and how I am their favorite grandchild.

After the opening of the world's most beloved Grandparents Day card,
I had a lovely conversation with my Grandpa Lou. It went a little something like this;

Grandpa Lou grunts: "Who did your hair in this picture?" (then he actually smiled a little)
Me: "Um, I did."

Grandpa Lou: "...."

Grandma Sonja: "That means he likes it."

Dear Sister,

Do you remember when we built a fort in the 'cove' above my bedroom closet?

Do you remember when I heaved that lovesac to you all by myself? I am so strong.