Friday, February 6, 2009

No Autographs Please....

A little celebrity paid me a visit last time I was in Arizona.

She's kind of a big deal. 

Her name is Rylie. 

Look Familiar?

She should. She is my awesome Niece and I brag every chance I get.
When word got out she would be heading to my  house for a few hours, 

People from all over came to bask in her radiating beauty.

This includes Ivy and Bryton.

Even Mysti took a night off from her ever pressing social life to behold Little Miss Rylie's charm.

What do you know Grandma Sonja even showed up to comfort, nurture and pose with our little A-list celebrity.


  1. preshy little bunny fell right to sleep!

    (i thought i would combine 2 excellent quotes to create 1 sweet A one)

    btw, that is one cute baby. what a lucky auntie you are.

  2. I love her little swimsuit pose with the girls, and how bored she looks with Grandma...a true celebrity. Too too cute. **blows kisses**

  3. I think it is scholar, not squire, that's what I thought Natalie said...


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