Monday, March 12, 2012

The Gloomy Day

So While the temperature in Minnesota wasn't horrific today...

Mr. Sunshine made no appearance.

It was a super gloomy day.

Kind of depressing.

I almost had to take a prozac.

Then I remembered I don't have a prescription for prozac and to top it off I'm with child.

BUT- I had the next best thing to an anti-depressant.

Pictures of my sister Rachel just sitting on my external.....

Waiting to be edited.


My parents and 2 baby sisters were in AZ same time as me last month.

Lucky me.
So Natalie got Rachel all dolled up.
And we took her out for some photos.

The end result.

Natalie captured the images while I posed and styled Rachel.

This was fun for me to play "assistant" and be more hands on with the subject.

I can get grabby ya know.

Somehow during the shoot we decided;

Rachel's sweater wasn't working.

So I literally gave her the shirt off my back.

Sister of the year.

I stood in the pecan groves with my gross pregnant self hanging out of Rachel's sweater.

My appearance was borderline offensive.

But Rachel looked great.

Her hair wasn't working.

So Natalie jazzed it up with this messy bun.

Sometimes you just gotta make some changes.

So enjoy these gorgeous photos of one of my baby sisters who isn't so baby anymore.

Remember these gems were captured by Natalie and edited by yours truly.

Yeah we make a great team.

I've heard it before.





Just a few jots about Rachel:

She is the best sister.

She is obedient.

She is a Champion. No, seriously she is a reigning State Champ.

She is accepting.

She is love. Rachel has this ability to unconditionally love everyone she meets. 

She is encouraging.

She is beautiful, in every aspect.

She is totally cray cray but we love her just the way she is.

We love you baby Seester!!