Monday, April 20, 2009

Dear Tay Tay

Today is your birthday.

I kind of remember when you were born.
Not really all the details.
I just know it was an awesome day.

Do you remember when we would spend hours trying to name all your freckles?
I do.
It was kind of ridiculous.

You were the happiest baby.
We used to fight over who would go get you from your crib.
Even Grandpa Lou.
I remember several occasions where I woke you up on purpose when your mom would ask me to check on you.
Big mistake Mysti, especially if you wanted her to stay asleep.

You are an amazing dancer.
My mom cries when she sees you on stage.
She is a total emo.
But I agree.
You are blessed with an extroardinary talent.

I am very impressed with the friends you have chosen.
You have a very magnetic personality.
People are drawn to you.
It is a relief to see you surround yourself with good people.
Friends that encourage you to be your best and make good choices.

You are a beloved;

You are so much fun to be around.
So kind and sweet, but sassy when necessary.
You are clever and sarcastic
And loads of fun.

I know it has been an interesting year.
A lot of things have changed in your family.
I think it's because of your example and strength.
I get emotional thinking of how proud I am.
I can't believe you graduate this year.
You have grown up so fast.
I know the entire family as a whole is anxiously awaiting your future.
I know that you will conquer the world and do many great things for yourself and others in your lifetime.
Please know that we are so proud of you.
I am so impressed with the young woman you have turned out to be.
Impressed but not surprised.
I have always expected great things from you.
You have always delivered.
I love you Miss Taylor.

Happy Birthday from "Frystle".
p.s. I had to crop this picture cause you were groping my boob.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Deeply Offended.

Thursday night we played Racquetball at Gold's Gym.

I am pretty good.

In general I don't typically like to honk my own horn, but freaking BEEP BEEP cause I can hold my own when it comes to this game.

I am all over the courts like a fat kid on a cupcake.

It's not a sport I take lightly.

Needless to say I noticed on Thursday, Corey and I had an audience.

It consisted of the two Hispanic gentleman who had been playing next to us and some random pregnant girl.

I lost the first game 15-14. Okay whatever, there's always the next game.

If you're not first, you're last. I understand this saying but that was a pretty close game.

Corey earned every point he scored. I fought a good fight.

As we left the court for our intermission drinks, we were approached by one of Corey's adoring fans. It was one of the gentleman from the next court over.

"Hey man. My buddy wants to play you after you're done with her." He says to Corey.

About a billion comebacks entered my awesome brain. I bit my tongue. After he's done with me? Are you kidding?

"Oh okay. I only won by 1 point though. I think we're going to play a second game. Maybe some cut throat after that? " Corey replied.

Yeah that's right. I thought to myself. One point. I will show you some cut throat. Would you really like to start busting out the stereotypes sir? I don't think so. I am a girl. I can play racquetball. Get over yourself.

We then played our second game. The final score was 15-6. I won. Don't challenge a Garrett sir. Hello. My Grandpa is Lou Gehring. Racquetball extraordinaire.

I deserved that win. I left my heart on the court that night.

I told Corey I didn't want to embarrass them when I dominated. They could play on their own if he wanted.

I left the court. Glared at our remaining audience of one. Thought to myself, go easy sir.
I just wiped the floor with him.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have blogger's block.

I don't really understand it.

Mostly because I have had more going on in the past month than I have the last 5 years.

I should have lots to blog about?

I got my first stress-induced cold sore.

It was awesome.

What have I been up to you ask?

Here you go.....

As a side note: Thank you Mysti my hair looks pretty good.

Aimee: You saved the day with all your help. I am blessed to have a friend like you. I wish I could have packed you in the back of the U-haul. I will be asking the guy at the gym tonight if he is single and free to mingle with my homegirl A-train.