Friday, April 17, 2009

Deeply Offended.

Thursday night we played Racquetball at Gold's Gym.

I am pretty good.

In general I don't typically like to honk my own horn, but freaking BEEP BEEP cause I can hold my own when it comes to this game.

I am all over the courts like a fat kid on a cupcake.

It's not a sport I take lightly.

Needless to say I noticed on Thursday, Corey and I had an audience.

It consisted of the two Hispanic gentleman who had been playing next to us and some random pregnant girl.

I lost the first game 15-14. Okay whatever, there's always the next game.

If you're not first, you're last. I understand this saying but that was a pretty close game.

Corey earned every point he scored. I fought a good fight.

As we left the court for our intermission drinks, we were approached by one of Corey's adoring fans. It was one of the gentleman from the next court over.

"Hey man. My buddy wants to play you after you're done with her." He says to Corey.

About a billion comebacks entered my awesome brain. I bit my tongue. After he's done with me? Are you kidding?

"Oh okay. I only won by 1 point though. I think we're going to play a second game. Maybe some cut throat after that? " Corey replied.

Yeah that's right. I thought to myself. One point. I will show you some cut throat. Would you really like to start busting out the stereotypes sir? I don't think so. I am a girl. I can play racquetball. Get over yourself.

We then played our second game. The final score was 15-6. I won. Don't challenge a Garrett sir. Hello. My Grandpa is Lou Gehring. Racquetball extraordinaire.

I deserved that win. I left my heart on the court that night.

I told Corey I didn't want to embarrass them when I dominated. They could play on their own if he wanted.

I left the court. Glared at our remaining audience of one. Thought to myself, go easy sir.
I just wiped the floor with him.


  1. well played krystle. well played.

    and no offense to corey, i'm glad you dominated that 2nd game. next time you see those douche bags you can walk proud, and if they ask to play can say "yeah, in your dreams buddy!"

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAH! I cant believe it your alive!

  3. First off, I am glad that you are back in the blogger world. The highlight of my day is logging in to my computer and seeing what clever post you came up with for the day. :)Secondly, you go girl!!! It always feels good to show up those boys! Espically when its your husband.

  4. Funny!! One of dad and I's first dates was playing raquetball over at MVHS. He won the first game and I won the second (though I think to this day he thinks that he let me win). Ya, thats why beads of sweat were streaming down his face. Then after we were married we were over by WWHS and he challenged me to a race(OK, I may have actually challenged him) but I WON! Then two weeks after Gordon was born he challenged me to a race again. He won but was that really fare??? All the Garrett's tend to be really competitive. I think it may have started with Grana Nixon and cards.

  5. Hey! I miss you and I love you! Wish you were here tonight....I could use your help folding clothes and solving lifes problems! Call me.


  6. Bahaha. You are a mean raquetball player. Ask Kara. :) Her nose will answer for you.

  7. I agree with Natalie. You are a tad mean when you play. I still have a permanent indention from when you hit me with your racquet. I think you were upset that I was beating you for the first time ever. One day Garrett, one day I will beat you, and not with our made up point system, the real one, going by 1's. Until then...

  8. ok love this! it's always sweet when you can show up a guy, ESPECIALLY in front of people! and from your past posts, i want to see your hair! what did you do to it?.. ok, and for real, the word verify to post my comment is "dingl".. hmm.. what is blogger trying to get me to think about?

  9. That's my girl Krystal!! That is my girl!!

  10. HA! Exactly what I would expect of you!

  11. That's awesome Krystle--way to shatter the stereotype! I don't think I've ever played racquetball before, but after this post I'm not sure I ever want to play, especially if it's against you!


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