Thursday, January 29, 2009

Short Stack

I just wanted to give my Mom a shout out.

Thanks for letting me stay with you the past week. I am aware I can be quite the demanding house guest.
In return I would like to give your boutique this weekend a little plug;
My Mom is in the process of opening her own home decor store, it is called Screwy and Magoo's. She's having a boutique and hoping to sell her existing inventory. She has adorable dressers, art work, florals, and many more beatiful things to adorn your home. Her decor is very affordable and will keep your house looking stylish. Plus you'll be so popular and envied by all if you own a piece from Screwy and Magoo's before they even open. Mention this post on my blog and receive 25% off one of your items (trust me she said it was okay). They are also set up to take credit/debit cards. It is at a home located just north of Mckellips off of Gilbert. The address is 1832 E. Menlo St. Mesa 85213.

The hours:
Friday January 30th, 10-4pm
Saturday January 31st, 10-5pm

Be there or be square.

I love you Mom thanks again.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Martin Luther King Day

Monday was MLK day.
I am well aware that this particular day celebrates the work and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King.
This past MLK day also held a second meaning for those living in my home (that would just be Corey, myself, and the dog).
This year it stood for "Major Love and Kindness day". Mostly because I have been a raging roller coaster of emotions, and a real grouch.
I vowed to Corey on Sunday night that 'MLK day' was a day where I would exhibit major amounts of love and kindness to my small and beloved family.
It worked.
I was a real peach all of Monday.
And then came Tuesday..........

Saturday, January 17, 2009


This post is long overdue.
A year overdue, in fact.
As I was going through the archives (also known as my ancient emails) I found something.
Something that made me feel special. Written to me by someone special.

Jan 18, 2008 I received (along with my other sisters) an e-mail from Rachel. It said;

hey my sisters
you guys are super cool
i want you all to know i love you
krystle you are so in style
nicole you are so cool to go to school
natalie you are always nice
( even if you push me off tramps/ treehouses/ dishwashers/ rugs/ windows)
but i love you so much
i love all of you
with love
please write back
kiss kiss
love life
peace out.

How horrible I felt when I saw this. Did I ever write back? I can't remember.

Does my little sister know just how special I think she is? Does she know she is loved by her oldest sister? Does she know that this e-mail she sent me meant something? Does she know how good it makes me feel? Does she know that since I came across it I've read it every day?

So to redeem myself I asked all of our siblings to tell me the top 3 things they LOVE about our little Ray Ray. We'll start with the youngest;

Annabelle says-

" I like how she plays with me sometimes."

" I like that she is pretty."

" I like how she sings pretty except that it hurts my ears sometimes when she sings in the morning blow drying her hair."

Gordon says-

" She's Hilarious."

"Friendly as heck."

"She is always fun to be around."

Natalie says-

"She cracks me up."

"She's so photogenic, I'm jealous."

"She is actually very considerate of others' feelings."

Nicole says-

"She's friendly and cares about family, friends, and animals!"

"She's fun to hang out with, she can be so funny and goofy at times!"

"She's beautiful and has a funky sense of style!"

Chris says-

"She has killer snow boots."

"She's fun to play Mariokart with."

"She's easy to get along with."

I say-

"She isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in."

"She has an amazing sense of humor. Literally she always has a smile on her face."

"She's beautiful. I use the word beautiful to describe someone who is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She has a beautiful soul."

Rachel, I hope you know how much our family adores you. I hope every minute of your life you realize that our family is not complete without you. I hope you know that your sisters love you, we respect you. I am so thankful for your example, and a huge part of me longs to be more like you. You are so kind and I can honestly say I am privileged to be your older sister. It is an honor and a blessing and I am thankful for you. I love you.

kiss kiss

love life

peace out.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Very Impressive

Last Sunday on our way down to John's for dinner I observed this on the Fat Cats marquee;

"You think you are so cool taking a picture of that with your camera," Says Corey.

I replied, "No, but the 6 BYU students that stayed out way past midnight to vandalize the Fat Cats Sign think they're pretty cool."


Stop the Press! Stop the Press!

No that's not me skiing!

I wish.
My last post was a joke. If you read my comments my delightful little sister Nicole brought up some memories I thought I should share.

Truth be told, my younger sister was right. The last time I went skiing it was quite tramatic.

I was probably 9 years old. I couldn't have been much older than that. My dad had taken Nicole and myself to the ski shop and we rented all the appropriate gear for a full days worth of skiing.

I was up the whole night before projectile vomiting. I specifically remember sitting on the stairs (in what had to be one of the houses in Midvale) debating on whether or not to wake my parents. I knew if they saw how sick I was that I'd be forced to stay home and Natalie would be privileged enough to take my place on the slopes.

Not happening.

I was afterall, from Arizona. It wasn't every day I got to wake up and go skiing with my dad. Not to mention he had signed us up for the childrens ski program. It was very official and I had planned on becoming a proffesional snow bunny.

So after a whole night of puking my guts out I got up early, along with dad and Nicole and suited up. I didn't mention the intense stomach cramps and migraine headache taking over my body, why bother my parents with that?

We got in the car and headed up the canyon. Just the 3 of us. If I remember correctly there was lots of traffic.

Trust me, I remember correctly.

The weaving around the canyon and endless traffic had my stomach in a twist. The ride seemed never ending. My dad and Nicole were uber excited and I didn't have the heart to tell them that I needed to throw up. The moments between this and what happened next are a little foggy, so I'm just going to come out with it.

We were at a complete stop and I said, "Dad, I need to throw up."

He handed me a plastic grocery bag. Quick thinking for a Dad if you ask me. I thought only Moms' were that sharp.

Then I proceeded to throw up in the bag and dump in my ski bibs simultaneously. I tried to black out after that. Reality was far too humiliating. For some reason all I could smell was bananas. Maybe I threw up bananas maybe I threw up ON bananas. I don't know.

All I know is I couldn't eat bananas until like 6 months ago.

Some of the events that day are a little foggy. There is one thing I am sure of.

I can say, without a doubt I was the only snow bunny walking around the resort with a load of crap in her pants.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What have I been doing you ask?

Oh, thats right.
I've been playing navigator for my husband while he drives around exploring all of Salt Lake County.
Turn left here precious....

How awkward I forgot to crop the GARMIN out of the top left corner of the picture.
So I guess I haven't been doing ALL the navigating, but a girl can dream.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Place...

Right now I wish I was at 'the place' watching "The Office" with my sister.
Our feet propped on the coffee table.

Her baby propped in my lap.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So I've been thinking.
I'm most likely going to freeze my tootsies off in Utah.

What a shame. They were such cute tootsies.