Thursday, January 29, 2009

Short Stack

I just wanted to give my Mom a shout out.

Thanks for letting me stay with you the past week. I am aware I can be quite the demanding house guest.
In return I would like to give your boutique this weekend a little plug;
My Mom is in the process of opening her own home decor store, it is called Screwy and Magoo's. She's having a boutique and hoping to sell her existing inventory. She has adorable dressers, art work, florals, and many more beatiful things to adorn your home. Her decor is very affordable and will keep your house looking stylish. Plus you'll be so popular and envied by all if you own a piece from Screwy and Magoo's before they even open. Mention this post on my blog and receive 25% off one of your items (trust me she said it was okay). They are also set up to take credit/debit cards. It is at a home located just north of Mckellips off of Gilbert. The address is 1832 E. Menlo St. Mesa 85213.

The hours:
Friday January 30th, 10-4pm
Saturday January 31st, 10-5pm

Be there or be square.

I love you Mom thanks again.


  1. I wish I lived in Az, and had a cute house to put her adorable home decor in. I went to her last boutique over Christmas, and I have to say...that lady has some good taste.

  2. You got 15 comments on the last post. I've never got more than 10 on one post. I never want to hear you complain ever again about no one commenting you.

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  4. Hey it's Monya, Mysti gave me your blog, you should add mine to your list
    I am going to try and get to your moms boutique today, Im glad you posted it.

  5. LOVE this picture of you! Thank you for your sweet comments on my little blog...Let me know when your Mom's new store is open, cuz I am definitely going. You are SO cute! Tell the Clark family hello, cuz I SO know you got adopted.


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