Thursday, January 15, 2009

Very Impressive

Last Sunday on our way down to John's for dinner I observed this on the Fat Cats marquee;

"You think you are so cool taking a picture of that with your camera," Says Corey.

I replied, "No, but the 6 BYU students that stayed out way past midnight to vandalize the Fat Cats Sign think they're pretty cool."



  1. oh those clever little zoobies.

  2. Of course! I totally knew it wasn't you!...I ...uhh... was just trying to make you feel like you were believable. But really, I should come up and teach you how to board. Yeah right! I havent gone boarding for almost 3 years. That would probably be a death sentence!

  3. Krystle I commented a big novel on your matching pajamas post!!! Go read it!! I am so happy you found me via blog & I found you and whatev- I miss you!!!


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