Thursday, May 27, 2010

My hand is raised

Raise your hand If you can say you spent your 2nd anniversary fishing on Cass lake.....

Well it was opening fishing here in Minnesota so I don't know what i was expecting...

Oh and just an FYI Corey's mother caught this fish.

She just let him hold it.

Cause mom's are nice like that.

And Don't worry.

I released that tadpole I caught back into the lake.

Oh and in addition yes my shirt says "Beaver Fever".


I only said that because we are still paying for the education my husband received from there.

SO ya. I wear the shirt sometimes.


Bailey is not a human child.

You should know this, only because it gets awkward sometimes.

You know babe, there is this thing called a biological clock.

And mine is a tickin' so if you would like a human child........

I will say it was quite fun, and a story I can share with future generations of Johnsons' to inform them how romantic Great Grandpa Corey was.

Who am I kidding. I had so much fun. And truth be told, there's not another soul I'd rather spend my anniversary fishing with.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I cannot tell a lie.....

I can not pretend that the last two years of my life have been complete bliss.

I can not act like I haven't had my doubts.

In you and in me.

I can not pretend like the journey we started together 24 months ago, has been nothing but roses.

I can not sit here and fictitiously state that you always remember to tell me I'm beautiful and that you believe in me.

Because let's be honest.

You forget.

I can not tell a lie.

Because I refuse to be THAT phony.

I can not act like marriage has not been one of the most challenging ventures I have ever been faced with.

Because it has.

I cannot fake the simple fact that we easily lose patience with each other.

And I can not pretend like I don't want to choke you 3-6 times a week.

Because generally I want to.

But I refrain (no worries, Corey is not a battered husband)

But here is what else I can not fake.

I can not pretend like you aren't my best friend.

You are my best friend.

I can not act like my heart doesn't melt when you hold my hand.

Because it melts.

I can not act like you aren't my favorite snuggle partner.

You are my favorite snuggle partner.

I can not act like it is easy to beat you in rummikub.

Because that is NOT easy.

I can not pretend to be disappointed with the man that you've become.

Because I AM NOT disappointed.

I can not pretend that I don't believe in you.

I believe in you.

I believe in our plans.

Even if they are just 'plans' for now.

I can not pretend that you will be a lame dad.

Let's face it you're going to rock the socks off fatherhood.

I can not pretend that if faced with the decision all over again that I would choose differently.

I would choose you all over again.

I would choose this journey with you, knowing all that I know.

I can not pretend like I am always an easy person to love.

I can not pretend that my anxieties and insecurities are NOT a road block that we are constantly struggling to overcome.

I am grateful for your patience (which seems to be much more extensive than my own).

I am grateful for a husband that loves me when it's good and when it's ugly.

Cause let's not pretend like it doesn't get ugly.

I am grateful that you make me laugh at times when I want to sob.

I am so blessed to be your wife.

I am so happy to have celebrated our 2nd anniversary.

I am so eternally grateful for all the struggles we've learned to power through together.

I am grateful to call you my partner, companion, friend and husband.

I love you precious.

Happy Anniversary

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spot of Tea?

On Saturday I took pictures of my sister in Arizona.

We went all out.

Earlier in the week she came over to discuss props and accessories.

And she came over to visit (let's just be honest).

So while watching reruns of "The Hills" and gasping over how horrible Heidi's face looks, we tied ribbon to mason jars and stuck candles in them.

We figured this would be a fun prop to hang from a tree behind her. (ooo and it was btw)

After we were done we decided to give our mason jar/candles a test run.

We then proceeded to head outside (accompanied by my mother).

We then forced my mom to take pictures of us while we pretended to have a tea party.

Because sometimes, you just NEED to have a tea party with your sister.

You can see we got really dressed up for the occasion.


I also don't know how we managed to take ANY pictures with a straight face because we were pretty much cracking up the whole time.

And in case you were wondering Nat's 'tea cup' says "World's Greatest Mother."

More pics of Nat's REAL photo session later. (as in later this week, not later today)

I should warn you now, you might want to have some fainting salts handy because she looks so fabulous you might pass out.