Thursday, May 27, 2010

My hand is raised

Raise your hand If you can say you spent your 2nd anniversary fishing on Cass lake.....

Well it was opening fishing here in Minnesota so I don't know what i was expecting...

Oh and just an FYI Corey's mother caught this fish.

She just let him hold it.

Cause mom's are nice like that.

And Don't worry.

I released that tadpole I caught back into the lake.

Oh and in addition yes my shirt says "Beaver Fever".


I only said that because we are still paying for the education my husband received from there.

SO ya. I wear the shirt sometimes.


Bailey is not a human child.

You should know this, only because it gets awkward sometimes.

You know babe, there is this thing called a biological clock.

And mine is a tickin' so if you would like a human child........

I will say it was quite fun, and a story I can share with future generations of Johnsons' to inform them how romantic Great Grandpa Corey was.

Who am I kidding. I had so much fun. And truth be told, there's not another soul I'd rather spend my anniversary fishing with.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! You two are just too cute. **kisses** Deb


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