Friday, November 28, 2008

I Am Not Thankful.........

That Thanksgiving is over and all the family is back in the states they belong in.....We will miss you!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Have You Ever.....

Been so tired that you got in the shower with your undies on and didn't notice til it was time to soap up? Ya me either. That certainly did not happen to me last Friday when I was rushing to get ready for my mom's boutique.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Moments With Ivan

When you read Ivan in the title you just assumed it was a boy didn't you?
Here's a little background.
Years ago (6 1/2 years ago to be exact) there was a beautiful little hairless girl named Ivy. She was hairless by choice. She loved to pull chunks of her own hair out and twist it in her fist while she sucked her thumb. Seeing how she is my cousin and I have it in tight with her mother (Mysti), I made a suggestion.
"Mysti, I have noticed that on the left side of Ivy's head her hair is thick and about 4 inches long. I have also noticed that the right side is completely bald. Let's shave it."
Five minutes later I held the clippers and Mysti held Ivy. We shaved a # 4 all over. She cried.
When I finished I said "Hey, we should call her Ivan now, she makes a dang cute little boy."

And so we did. And we still do.

Even though she is 9 now, and her hair is halfway down her back.

It makes me sad to think that I could blink my eyes and when I open them another 6 1/2 years could pass just as quickly as the last. Sad to think that pretty soon I won't be able to pick my little Ivan up and throw her on my hip. Even more sad to think that pretty soon she won't want me to. Sad to think that one day she'll be too cool for our little photo shoots (that's what she calls them) and things of that sort will be too silly for her.

I guess for now I will just smile and be so thankful for my moments with Ivan.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Conversations with Cindy Lu Hoo

So Saturday I met my mom and cousin for lunch. Upon arrival I announced to Bryton (age 11) that this particular day she somewhat resembled Cindy Lu Hoo.
Then she anounced to me that this particular day I looked real tired. So tired in fact, that my face looked like someone had given me two black eyes.

Then she took half of my baked potato because she was not pleased with the lunch she had ordered for herself.
Then Melva reminded me to be nice, seeing as how Bryton skipped a date with her new boyfriend to dine with us. (don't worry they don't even touch and hardly talk, believe me I asked)
Then the conversation went as follows;
Me: "Oh yes, I forgot. You have a delightful new boyfriend now."
Cindy Lu Hoo: "Yes I do."

Me: "So do you guys hang out or what?"

Cindy Lu Hoo: "No, only at school."

Me: "Oh good. Boys are gross anyways. You will soon find this out for yourself. Do you hold hands?"

Cindy Lu Hoo: "Uh ya right we don't even get within this close of each other (holds her hands out 8 inches apart)."

Melva: "How did he ask you to be his girlfriend anyways. Did he write a note that said 'do you like me? check yes or no'?"
Me: "Wow Melva, thanks for chiming in. I thought I was the only one concerned with this matter."

Cindy Lu Hoo: "No, he left me a comment on myspace. It was awesome."
Seriously times are a changin.
p.s. Cindy Lu Hoo I will go halfsies with you on my baked potato anyday.

Saturday started early.............went to work here.

Lately Maddy has been my assistant. Assistant, in this case is just a glorified word for slave.
Saturday she organized all my reciepts for me. Washed towels. Washed hair. Rinsed color bowls. Tore foils. Text her boyfriend. Read some magazines. Got me a soda. Shampooed my hair. Returned phone calls. Booked appointments. Oh, and she got her hair done.
You look good girl.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thats French(ish) for I like you.
Which I do.
There are many reasons why I like you, but my humble blog cannot solely be dedicated to you....Only because I plan on using it to convince other people how awesome I am. This post however, in its sole entirety is dedicated to Aimee.
Reasons why she has long deserved some recognition are as follows;
(seriously where do I begin?)
1. I don't know anyone else who will drop what they are doing just to make me lemon bars.
2. She drives to Moab with me, where upon arrival we have the privilege of tying bows on chairs for my darling sister's reception.
3. She doesn't suddenly disappear when its time to clean up. (now that I'm thinking about it, she's probably honestly cleaned up more of my family events than I have.)
4. She acts proud when I make a batch of cinnamon rolls from a can.
5. I don't know anyone (including myself) who will stay up until 2 in the morning helping my mom tag stuff for her boutique, but Aimee will. She'll even smile and pretend like she's having fun.
6. She didn't realize Canada bordered the U.S. until last Wednesday.
7. She makes cupcakes that look like rattles for my other fabulous sister's baby shower.
8. Again she does not head for the hills when its time to clean up.
9. If you are throwing up in a plastic bag while driving in the car, she will hold your hair back (isn't that right Kara). She won't even dry heave. Now that is a mother in the making.
10. She is the most nonjudgemental person I know.
11. She laughs at the most ridiculous parts in movies (if she can stay awake).
12. She appreciates my sense of humor and can take my sarcasm without being offended or thinking I am a raging beast.
13. Most of all she possesses all the attributes it takes to make a great friend. A Homegirl For Life.
I seriously want to thank you Aimee for everything you have done for me and my family. You always come through. You are so dependable and supportive and kind and generous and thoughtful and wow my blog is turning into a creepy Aimee shrine. Thanks for everything A-train.
Side note: Aimee has not yet been snatched up by a nice young gentleman. Want to set her up with someone you know?