Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thats French(ish) for I like you.
Which I do.
There are many reasons why I like you, but my humble blog cannot solely be dedicated to you....Only because I plan on using it to convince other people how awesome I am. This post however, in its sole entirety is dedicated to Aimee.
Reasons why she has long deserved some recognition are as follows;
(seriously where do I begin?)
1. I don't know anyone else who will drop what they are doing just to make me lemon bars.
2. She drives to Moab with me, where upon arrival we have the privilege of tying bows on chairs for my darling sister's reception.
3. She doesn't suddenly disappear when its time to clean up. (now that I'm thinking about it, she's probably honestly cleaned up more of my family events than I have.)
4. She acts proud when I make a batch of cinnamon rolls from a can.
5. I don't know anyone (including myself) who will stay up until 2 in the morning helping my mom tag stuff for her boutique, but Aimee will. She'll even smile and pretend like she's having fun.
6. She didn't realize Canada bordered the U.S. until last Wednesday.
7. She makes cupcakes that look like rattles for my other fabulous sister's baby shower.
8. Again she does not head for the hills when its time to clean up.
9. If you are throwing up in a plastic bag while driving in the car, she will hold your hair back (isn't that right Kara). She won't even dry heave. Now that is a mother in the making.
10. She is the most nonjudgemental person I know.
11. She laughs at the most ridiculous parts in movies (if she can stay awake).
12. She appreciates my sense of humor and can take my sarcasm without being offended or thinking I am a raging beast.
13. Most of all she possesses all the attributes it takes to make a great friend. A Homegirl For Life.
I seriously want to thank you Aimee for everything you have done for me and my family. You always come through. You are so dependable and supportive and kind and generous and thoughtful and wow my blog is turning into a creepy Aimee shrine. Thanks for everything A-train.
Side note: Aimee has not yet been snatched up by a nice young gentleman. Want to set her up with someone you know?


  1. Sweet. Bloggin Krys- I want to see pics of you and corey ai seill don't think ive se a pic of him :) Love ya, Check out our blog too

  2. I agree, pic's of you and corey. I just want to also give a shout out to Aimee. She is awesome and I hope she is still around to help with Rachel's reception. Aimee if your reading this Rachel is only 15so relax but don't go to far. You are awesome.

  3. K-rystle! I didn't know you had a blog--I am so glad to have found it!!! And thanks to Aimee for tying all of those bows--the most boring job of all time!!!


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