Monday, November 17, 2008

Conversations with Cindy Lu Hoo

So Saturday I met my mom and cousin for lunch. Upon arrival I announced to Bryton (age 11) that this particular day she somewhat resembled Cindy Lu Hoo.
Then she anounced to me that this particular day I looked real tired. So tired in fact, that my face looked like someone had given me two black eyes.

Then she took half of my baked potato because she was not pleased with the lunch she had ordered for herself.
Then Melva reminded me to be nice, seeing as how Bryton skipped a date with her new boyfriend to dine with us. (don't worry they don't even touch and hardly talk, believe me I asked)
Then the conversation went as follows;
Me: "Oh yes, I forgot. You have a delightful new boyfriend now."
Cindy Lu Hoo: "Yes I do."

Me: "So do you guys hang out or what?"

Cindy Lu Hoo: "No, only at school."

Me: "Oh good. Boys are gross anyways. You will soon find this out for yourself. Do you hold hands?"

Cindy Lu Hoo: "Uh ya right we don't even get within this close of each other (holds her hands out 8 inches apart)."

Melva: "How did he ask you to be his girlfriend anyways. Did he write a note that said 'do you like me? check yes or no'?"
Me: "Wow Melva, thanks for chiming in. I thought I was the only one concerned with this matter."

Cindy Lu Hoo: "No, he left me a comment on myspace. It was awesome."
Seriously times are a changin.
p.s. Cindy Lu Hoo I will go halfsies with you on my baked potato anyday.

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