Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spot of Tea?

On Saturday I took pictures of my sister in Arizona.

We went all out.

Earlier in the week she came over to discuss props and accessories.

And she came over to visit (let's just be honest).

So while watching reruns of "The Hills" and gasping over how horrible Heidi's face looks, we tied ribbon to mason jars and stuck candles in them.

We figured this would be a fun prop to hang from a tree behind her. (ooo and it was btw)

After we were done we decided to give our mason jar/candles a test run.

We then proceeded to head outside (accompanied by my mother).

We then forced my mom to take pictures of us while we pretended to have a tea party.

Because sometimes, you just NEED to have a tea party with your sister.

You can see we got really dressed up for the occasion.


I also don't know how we managed to take ANY pictures with a straight face because we were pretty much cracking up the whole time.

And in case you were wondering Nat's 'tea cup' says "World's Greatest Mother."

More pics of Nat's REAL photo session later. (as in later this week, not later today)

I should warn you now, you might want to have some fainting salts handy because she looks so fabulous you might pass out.


  1. haha oh please. the only reason anyone would pass out is because of your amazing photog skillzzz sucka! Tea parties rule.

  2. Natalie looks like she's collecting honey from a hive in the top, right picture...Do you remember watching the Secret Life of Bees??? Chris loved it...yeah, I think he fell asleep!
    Anywho...I saw a pic on Facebook and I LOVE IT (sing-songy)!!! Can't wait until you do Chris and I's!!!

  3. I love it! It was so fun seeing you at Nandos! I guess you knew we were there by our giggle. Sorry. Your sister is beeeeutiful and so are you.
    **blows kisses** Deb

  4. Salts- check
    anticipation- check
    sprinkling of jealousy- check

    I'm ready! Let's have it!


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