Monday, April 20, 2009

Dear Tay Tay

Today is your birthday.

I kind of remember when you were born.
Not really all the details.
I just know it was an awesome day.

Do you remember when we would spend hours trying to name all your freckles?
I do.
It was kind of ridiculous.

You were the happiest baby.
We used to fight over who would go get you from your crib.
Even Grandpa Lou.
I remember several occasions where I woke you up on purpose when your mom would ask me to check on you.
Big mistake Mysti, especially if you wanted her to stay asleep.

You are an amazing dancer.
My mom cries when she sees you on stage.
She is a total emo.
But I agree.
You are blessed with an extroardinary talent.

I am very impressed with the friends you have chosen.
You have a very magnetic personality.
People are drawn to you.
It is a relief to see you surround yourself with good people.
Friends that encourage you to be your best and make good choices.

You are a beloved;

You are so much fun to be around.
So kind and sweet, but sassy when necessary.
You are clever and sarcastic
And loads of fun.

I know it has been an interesting year.
A lot of things have changed in your family.
I think it's because of your example and strength.
I get emotional thinking of how proud I am.
I can't believe you graduate this year.
You have grown up so fast.
I know the entire family as a whole is anxiously awaiting your future.
I know that you will conquer the world and do many great things for yourself and others in your lifetime.
Please know that we are so proud of you.
I am so impressed with the young woman you have turned out to be.
Impressed but not surprised.
I have always expected great things from you.
You have always delivered.
I love you Miss Taylor.

Happy Birthday from "Frystle".
p.s. I had to crop this picture cause you were groping my boob.


  1. I can't believe Taylor is so grown up! And that last picture of you two is the greatest thing ever.
    And don't act like you were not enjoying that boob grab.

  2. frystleeee!!
    i miss you soo much! That was honestly the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me! It made me cry, and I could name like 5 others that it had that affect on. We had the best times growing up! I dont know what I'd do without you, its gonna be hard getting used to not being able to see you all the time. Family dinners wont be the same?! They're going to be quiet... I don't think you realize how much I've always looked up to you! You are the cousin every person dreams of! I love you so much Krystle!! And thank you again for the blog! I look at this thing everyday. I don't even want to get one because it wont be able to compare! I love you!!!

  3. And I dont know why you would crop out me grabbing your boob because I dont think thats awkward at all?! haha

  4. Taylor is such a babe! And you are a great photographer!

    See you soon <3

  5. Awe. This is so sweet. You will be such a wonderful Mommy. **blows kisses** Deborah

  6. Krystle- I could read your blog all the day long. Not sure if that even makes since but my brain is fried cuz I have three kids. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Or maybe I've just inhaled too many hair chemicals.... hmmm. Anywho- I love your creative wit and dry humor. MooWah!

  7. Oh where has my Hair Girl gone??? Hoping life is good for you. **blows kisses through long bangs** Deborah

  8. Sweetest post ever.
    KRYSTLE!!! Why the heck do you live so far. You are my idol and I love all you say and do and quite frankly.... I want to be you. seriously. ok, so maybe it's good you don't live too close. but, I miss you and just love your cutest self. And, btw... I really need to meet corey for crying out loud! check out the video of Maggs if you haven't seen it yet on my blog. you'll love her more... if it's possible. i wish you knew her and she knew you!!!!! ok, i'll stop sobbing through your blog.


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