Monday, February 9, 2009


On Saturday morning I caught my husband prying these out of my dogs clenched jaw.

I just think more than anything she is really unappreciative.
It's like she thinks money grows on trees.

You know what Bailey you've been acting like a real princess ever since we started feeding you canned food along with your regular chow.


  1. Wait...You don't have a money tree? I'll have to send you one sometime. Because apparently my kids say we do. I just have to find it first.

  2. I'll tell you what I am NOT ungrateful for....Nyquil and cough drops.

    Are you free on Tuesday or Friday? For a day of beauty?

    Also, in the next little while you need to come over for dinner. I will delight you with Mexican Lasagna. Oooo la la!!!

  3. I swear on my preshy I didn't squeal. I didn't even hint or anything.

  4. Here ya go.

    I am pretty sure, anyway. Let me know if it doesn't work.

    Friday after 2 would be great. I have the first grade valentine party from 1:15- 2:00. I am the almighty room mother, you know. AND I could always use some more help.....if you need something to blog about....and you want to live it up in first grade again! I would even let you pick: You can run musical chairs, relay races, or pin the arrow on the heart. Sugar cookies and apple juice included and no extra charge. :)

  5. that's pretty funny.. i think i might want a dog now.. so he can go steal money and bring it back to me..


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