Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This past year for 'Grandparents Day' I gave my Grandma and Grandpa Gehring a very special card. 

It was a lovely card. When you opened it up it sang a song and I placed this picture of myself inside the card. Just to remind them how awesome I am and how I am their favorite grandchild.

After the opening of the world's most beloved Grandparents Day card,
I had a lovely conversation with my Grandpa Lou. It went a little something like this;

Grandpa Lou grunts: "Who did your hair in this picture?" (then he actually smiled a little)
Me: "Um, I did."

Grandpa Lou: "...."

Grandma Sonja: "That means he likes it."


  1. You are so cute! Yes, I want you to sass up my hair more. Do you have an email? I love your blog.

  2. I wonder if Mysti's girls think they are his "favorite"?
    I love that grandparents can make all their grandchildren feel that way...too bad my kids don't have any grandparents...love ya Monya

    ps take the word verifiction off your comments its annoying

  3. Bahahah! I love it! Sonja is always posing. But she's definitely not a poser.

  4. Ha ha Nat. I got an email from her last night saying she had checked my blog. She said she appreciated me picking a good photo of her. It was pretty funny.

  5. Heck ya we are still on for Friday! Sorry about my phone. My cordless died on me, and I had sucked up the cord to my corded phone with the vacuum earlier in the day and broke it. I had no other options! As far as a new blog post....any suggestions?

  6. Until I post....go to Greg's blog. It's linked off of my blog. It's funny funny.

  7. Seriously? You celebrate grandparents day? You totally and completely rock. What the heck sister? Um, it has been FOREVER and this is how we will communicate. I miss the crapola out of you and your mom. It's so not fair that life get so in the way!!! I am so glad that you posted on my blog and I am going to check on you often. You are a babe... just gorgeous. Are you on facebook? If you are, look me up cause I wanna be your friend for sure. If you're not, then you should be ;) Love you tons!

  8. That made me laugh, out loud. To be quite honest I don't think I have ever met Grandpa Lou? Have I? And we both know I love Sonja. Tell her I would be happy to crank call her again for old times sake if she would like.


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