Saturday, February 21, 2009

This Baby


We kidnapped "this baby".

At least that's what my husband kept referring to her as.

He does know her name.

This baby.

"When do we have to give this baby back?" Corey inquires.

"This baby is so precious." He observes.

"Ugh can we wake this baby up? She's been sleeping forever." He begs.

"Man, this baby is hungry." As he feeds her.

"Do all babies sleep as much as this baby?" He asks.

"Do you think this baby knows I am her uncle Corey?"

"I really love this baby Krystle."

"I think this baby likes me more than you." He suggests.

{How would I know Corey? This Uncle won't even let me hold her.}

Last but not least here comes my favorite.

"Krystle this baby makes me want to have my own. I think I am almost ready."

** As a side note This baby accompanied me to the market. I then paraded her around in the cart like one of the Jolie-Pitt twins. You would've thought that's who this baby was too. Everybody loved looking at her and her sweet face and I felt like I was famous. I didn't bother correcting anyone when they assumed I was the proud mother.

In fact, I'm thinking of getting pregnant pronto just to up  my celebrity status at Safeway.


  1. You are so dang clever girl!!! Too cute. Your baby will be WAY too cute... **blows kisses**

  2. WHAT AM I HEARING???? If you guys have a baby then we could have this baby and that baby and make them some kind of cute Dr. Suess like hats. (not sure on that spelling)

  3. Jill: what? :)

    Seriously, you will be way more popular if you have a baby. Its a scientific fact.

    I am soooo excited for you guys! You will have to let me know what Corey is 100% ready, then we can really celebrate.

  4. Who's baby is it Krissy:D I miss you!! I am glad you found our blog, so good to hear from you:) Let us know on the baby front! Love ya


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