Thursday, February 12, 2009

Saturday is a Special Day....

Last Saturday I propped my feet on the dash
And requested that
 my husband chauffeur me around Salt Lake.

First we took a nice cruise past Temple Square.

Saw some nice big buildings,

And this Bowling Alley.
It reminded me of Aimee.
That reminded me of home.

We observed all traffic laws.
Obeyed all posted speed limits.

Zoomed past this neat building.

Welcome to South Ogden.

Still driving.
We had some nice chats.

Conversed about life.
Jabbed about our future family.
What we hope our kids will be like.

All the while Bailey sat on Corey's back.
Her head nestled on his shoulder.
Sometimes we call her our daughter.
And then we laugh about it like we're joking.
But really we're not.


  1. That is the cutest post. Great pictures! Um...the comment you left me was just awesome

  2. OMGoodness! I thought that Gizmo was the only parrot dog in the world!!! Everynight he sits on Gary's shoulder just like THAT!

  3. Question...if you consider Bailey your "daughter", shouldn't she be in a car seat? I'm pretty sure I don't drive around town with Wyatt propped up on my shoulder.

    Other than that, great pictures :)

  4. How fun to just be together! I love your shoes!!! We are going to be down in Utah on March 12th and 13th, I would love to get together with you!!! Let me know!

  5. Chloe is sitting here looking at your bolg with me. When I got to the one with your dog chloe started laughing. Se just thought that that was the cutest thing ever! I should be a nice Mom and get her a dog...but I'm not. :)

  6. To jill:

    Touche'. I actually have considered getting her a car seat.

  7. that sounds like a great drive and day. thank you so much for your sweet and bad @#* comments, for sure you can abbreviate or just come on out and say it sister! get down with o.pp., ya you know me!


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