Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Dragon Lady (There are pictures so keep reading.)

Yesterday I was accosted by a very abrasive older lady at the antique store.

She somewhat resembled this lady here.

Okay maybe not that old.
Our conversation went as follows;

Old Lady: "What are you doing here? You're so young."

Me: "What are you doing here? You're so old."

Old Lady: "No I mean, did someone drag you here?"

Me: "No. I came willingly. Did someone drag you here? Because your face kind of looks like it."

Old Lady: " It's just surprising you're so young and like all this old stuff."

Me: "Ha 'stuff'? These are treasures lady. Get over it. I like my Grandpa and he's old."

Old Lady: "Interesting."

Me: "Yes it is. It was a pleasure to become acquainted with you. I think I'll go scratch my eyes out with something 'old' in the corner over there." 

**Confession- I really didn't respond like that. My lines may be a bit fabricated. She, however, did say all those things to me. I did not elaborate on that part. What I really said was this;

Me: "Oh that's funny. I am not that young. I found this place a couple of months ago and I love it. I have found so many unique things here. No one had to drag me at all."

I reflected on this conversation later as I was polishing off my 'old' finds. I regret not saying this;

Me: "I've always been in love with old things. It probably stems back to watching old movies with my Grandma Sonja. Looking at pictures. Learning about my ancestors. Luckily for you ma'am I find beauty in things of old. People of old. I don't come here just to buy silly things. Each purchase I make means something to me. It's called memorabilia. I might buy an apron because it reminds me of Grandma Nicoll. It reminds me of standing in her kitchen or garden watching her work or helping her. I might buy a basket because it reminds me of one Grandma Garrett helped me make at the cabin when I would spend my summers' there. I might buy dishes because they look exactly like the ones Grandma Rhea used to serve me cheese crisps on right before we'd go pick vegetables from her garden. Perhaps, I purchase a doily or salt and pepper shakers because it reminds me of Sunday dinners at Grandma Sonja's house. So you know what my dear aggressive friend? I hope you take time to do these things with your grandchildren so when they're 25 and oh so young they are already looking for treasures that remind them of you."

So dear Old Lady, If I was an ageist like you and believed I was too young to step foot into a store full of antiques how would I ever find..........................


  1. Fantastic finds! You have made me want to visit an antique store! I was hoping your first conversation was your actual conversation!

  2. What a total B! I'm glad you found some sweet things though.

  3. Haha that's funny. This baby has a fun aunt!

  4. ac⋅cost
    1. to confront boldly
    2. to approach, esp. with a greeting, question, or remark.
    3. (of prostitutes, procurers, etc.) to solicit for sexual purposes.
    I am so Happy it wasnt # 3 on the list! Lol
    But i sure wish i was a fly on the wall for that one.

  5. I'm adding you to "my peeps" right this second!! HOW THE HECK ARE YOU! When I showed Porter your blog and we found a picture on there, he was like, "I remember her, she was really funny with attitude..." :) InDEED! So glad you stalked blogs faithfully until you found me. hehe. Keep in touch!

  6. Hey Krystle, I did not know that you like antiques. I love to go antique shopping. We will have to go as Grandpa Dale loves it also. When are you coming back to UTah. We are come to AZ the 2-5 of March. I hope that you will still be there. Love you both


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