Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You really shouldn't assume...

I bet you think I abandoned my blog again.

Well I didn't.

I am without my computer.

How am I posting you ask? I hacked into my sister -in-law's laptop.

You see my computer took a dump.

I am quite enraged but I am no computer techie so I can't do anything about it.

She has an appointment with the genius computer Dr. tomorrow.

Wish her luck because if it turns out she is terminally ill, I will FREAK out.

We got her in February. She is only 7 months old.

Check her out here.


  1. Krystle, I need some tips for Rachels hair for homecoming royalty. We saw something we liked on the internet and I actually think I can do some sore of version of it. It is bobbypinned over to one side and then pieces pulled up and curled, but mostly it is down and curled. Anyway we are going to try it Sunday. Call us.

  2. Computer issues SUCK! We were having them too, luckily I think Mike was able to fix them, at least for now ;)


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