Monday, March 22, 2010



Today we went to the local library for "Story time".

We were a little early so we just played with some friends.

Then we enjoyed some hardcore telling of stories.

It involved lots of singing and some random boy pulling on Kalyn's hair clip about every five seconds.

Of course we will be going back.

We learned about the CIRCUS and how the word circus starts with the letter "C".

You know what else starts with the letter "C"?

The word "crap".

Let me use it in a sentence.

Holy CRAP I am tired.

Tune in tomorrow to see my latest obsession.



  1. Krystle, I love reading your blog. You make me laugh every time! Miss you!

  2. What I wouldn't give for you to be my live-in nanny!! We are out of story time now though. You would have to go play PIG at the B-ball court and listen to Halle read you Little House in the Big Woods. AND you would have to listen to Jack talk trash while you played Wii. And you would have to shop/lunch with me. And pull out the whiskers on my chin that I can't reach. Oh what a wonderful life. Are you sure you don't wanna give Utah another chance? :)

  3. you are definitely ready to be a mom. you are a pro already. im sure wyatt would like to go to the library for story time. want to come and take him?


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