Sunday, April 11, 2010

So Grateful

This week has left me feeling really blessed.

Blessed and grateful for amazing family.

I feel blessed to be able to come back to Arizona for work.

Although I have moved far away I haven't had to quite cut the chord.
And I like it.

Tomorrow I am heading back to Minnesota and I probably won't update for a couple days.

Until then I leave you with this picture from my cousin's wedding.

So so much fun.
I can think of 4 things missing from this photo that would make it totally complete....

Can anyone guess?


  1. My guess is Nicole, Rachel, Gordon, and Annabelle.

    My next guess would be Grandpa, Me, your dad and Stacey. Just kidding.

  2. How rude of you to look as beautiful as the bride. Couldn't you have uglied up a bit??? teehee.

  3. remember when you cried at my wedding?


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