Thursday, June 23, 2011

I lived

Since I began taking photography more seriously,
I've noticed I'm missing from most of the photographs that make up the story of our life.

When I develop pictures they are mostly of Corey and Bailey.

It's not that people don't offer to take the picture while I jump in to the shot.

It's that I'm that much of a control freak.

I am really working on it.

I've made it a goal to be more present in photographs.

I want my kids to have pictures of me long after I'm gone.

I want them to have proof that I was here and I was kinda fun.

When I took pictures of Sisty in the hospital I made it a point to capture myself in some of them.

I'm thankful I did.

That was a special day.

A day I will forever recall with fondness.

I will probably always shed a tear or two when I look at the pictures.

I sat here tonight going through them and I thought of something else.

I am grateful for a brother in law who strapped my camera around his neck and snapped away.

He did that when my niece was born too.

Some of my most loved pictures of myself are the ones where I am holding Rylie.

Just hours old.

And now Jude.

Just minutes old.

Let me share a few with you.



I will forever cherish the picture below.

My sister was contracting hard core.

She was ready to go.

The doctor had arrived.

And I was terrified.

That face I'm making is legit fear.

I was a wreck, and cried for most of it.

Okay ALL of it.


There I am!

Holding Baby Jude.

I feel really blessed to have been a part of it all.

And I feel really blessed to have visual proof that I was there.



  1. I agree! As a photog myself, I often feel "absent" at family events. I am going to try and include myself more too! thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the pictures! They made me cry!

  3. This post is awesome Krystle! I'm glad that you've finally realized you need to be in the pictures too! The one with you ready to catch Jude is hilarious! You may need to come take Chris's place! And the picture of you holding Jude shortly after he was born is so precious and truly priceless if you think about it. I'm glad you were there! Love you sis!

  4. haha who's the person with elephantitis ankles in that one picture?

    I'm so glad you could be there sisty!! It was such a special day and it all went by so fast. I'll be so happy to have pictures and memories of you and David making fun of me for yelling at you. :)

  5. Also, I L.O.V.E. that picture with you and David in it. David was surprisingly sweet while I was pushing and his face in that picture just says so much about what a supportive and loving husband he is. You're good.


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