Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jude's Arrival

Finally was able to finish this video for my sister.

Aunt Jen I hope you enjoy.

Keep an eye (or ear) out for my favorite parts;

I offer to deliver the baby and my 10 year old sister says, "uh gross."

Mom talking on the phone about how Annabelle will have to leave the room during the actual delivery.

Annabelle suggesting she just ducks behind the chair. I think she was serious?

Nat and I cracking up.

Also just a little warning;

While no private parts are exposed this is titled 'Jude's Arrival'.....

You will see my sister's legs in stirrups in a couple of still shots but that is it.

Consider yourself warned.

Untitled from Krystle Johnson on Vimeo.


  1. What a beautiful video! I balled like a child!

  2. This video is GREAT!! It brought back so many memories of having my kids. I know I was making those same faces and holding the bed the same exact way. Good Job Krystle! and Natalie too!

  3. Awe, Crystal, that is so beautiful. What a wonderful job you did editing. What a wonderful job your sister did birthing! Goosebumps.
    **kisses** Deb

  4. Krystle you are amazing! I thought i would never want to see a video of a birth but that was the most beautiful heartfelt one I have seen. Natalie was so gorgeous through the whole thing..what a fabulous family :)

  5. Amazing, Natalie is so blessed to have you do that for her!


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