Friday, February 26, 2010

My obsessions this week......

This week I've found myself with some new obsessions.

Every night Corey and Kalyn feed Bailey together.

She talks about it several times during the day.

I think Uncle Corey might enjoy it just as much as she does.

I am obsessed with this picture because I think it's so funny.

She was very particular about sharing her blanket with Uncle C.

Oh and I am major in love with her new glasses.

I saw this chair at Savers.

I fell in love.

I called a friend who is an amazingly talented photographer and we picked it up together today.

Now all her beloved subjects get to rest their rumps on this throne.

Check her out here.

My hair extensions.

Yes I've been obsessed with them this week.

My hair is getting longer but not fast enough.

They give me a few more inches.

And a lot more confidence in the process of growing out these locks.

I asked Corey if he liked them.

The convo went like this.

Corey: You want me to be honest?

Me: Ya of course.
(um i thought he knew the was code for please lie.)

Corey: I prefer your hair blonde, straight and thin.

Me: Thin? Ouch.

Corey: Well your hair is just so big. I want to like smash it down or put it in a pony tail.

Me: Well I think being a hair stylist I know what looks cute.

Corey: Ya you're prob right. Plus I'm bald. It's probably just hair envy.

Me: Ya I assure you that's exactly what it is.

So to be fair I posted a pic of my blonde, straight, thin hair.

Notice no makeup and the grossest face ever?

Ya its cause I wanted you to like the extensions better too.


I have been obsessed with making rosettes.

headbands, clips and bracelets.

Wanna buy one?

The basements getting full.

Oh and don't forget about my new....


Uh ya it's really called that and if you ask me the name totally rocks.

Rocks almost as much as the girl who makes them.

Buy one from her here.

If you don't. Then you're queer.

Jk Jk Jk.


  1. First off I love your extensions! Second, your hair isnt thin! And I would LOVE to purchase some of your cute creations!

  2. Oh and whats up with the botox in your forehead? Really? I would love some!

  3. You make me look like a total jack*ss!! I love your extensions, you just know how I feel about "fake." I would prefer you just the way you are.

  4. you make me sick. i wish i could wear my hair 50 different ways and have it totally rock no matter what.

    ps. remember when i washed your hair in the bathtub after you fell off the ladder and broke your scapula? that was sooo not funny.


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