Monday, February 15, 2010

The Panthers are here.....

Did I ever tell you about the time that I tried out for cheer?

I did.

I tried out for a position on the elite squad which was the Poston Panther cheer team.

I didn't make it.

I didn't make tennis either.

But that's a whole other story.

Because I'm pretty sure Coach "T" was a drug pusher.

She also didn't appreciate the fact that I was trying out with my mom's old racket from 1974.

Trust me Coach neither did I.

But back to cheer.

Um ya I pretty much crapped out* when it came to performing the rehearsed routine in front of the judges.

I have no idea why.

I'd only been training for it since I was 3.



Anyways what I remember most about that day.

Believe it or not

(and this next part is said with humor I don't want any sympathy comments)

Was not rushing up to see my name NOT on the list.

What I remember most was getting called out of class earlier that day.

I got down to the office......

and waiting for me was a bag of 'Good Luck' surprises with helium balloons attached.

They were from my beloved Aunt Mysti.

Um, the same aunt who made the Poston cheer team when they only chose 6 to lead.

See there are 2 things Aunt Mysti is particularly good at......

1. Helping you squash your own self doubt.

2. And making you laugh.

Whether you are on the cheer team or not.

(Mysti and my precious self)

post edit*- I choose not to attribute said crapping out to the sugar crash I endured from Mysti's gift bag of junk food I indulged in previous to tryouts.

Tune in tomorrow if you'd like to see the handmade quality goods I gifted to my husband for V-day.


  1. I love those pics especially you wearing the jelly sandals and that is a good story Krystal, thanks for sharing. I most definitely will tune in to see you and your craftiness.

  2. poston was too hard core for my liking, but it never failed to provide character building experiences. side note: is it just me, or does the weight room look like a child death trap in your "let's get physical" picture?

  3. Oh, Krystle! Maybe my favorite post ever! I love you!

  4. Bahaha i always love your posts!!

    ps we need to make mysti a blog.

  5. haha funny. that pic of mysti reminds my of taylor. their builds look a lot the same huh?

  6. i remember that tragic day. if poston only knew what they missed out on.

  7. I'm pretty sure you're wearing a Care-Bear nightie (unless it's a dress..?) with your jellies. It's odd, though...I was telling Chris just the other day how I miss wearing shoes that conformed to your foot instead of the other way around. Great post! Love you!


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