Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kinda Got Sidetracked

Sorry Homeslice.

I got sidetracked.

I've been chasin' kids and snappin' pics.

All in a days' work I suppose.

Did that "chasin' kids" part sound weird?

I will announce the winner of my print tomorrow.

For now just enjoy this and shut your trap.


Oh ya.

Happy MLK Day.

Remember in my house that also stands for;

"Major Love and Kindness Day".....

I think Dr. King would've appreciated that as well.

Have a great day off for those of you who won't be standing on your feet for 12 hours in a salon tomorrow.


  1. Love this. I can't wait for Thursday!

  2. oh ya is right. i LOVE that picture. why don't you head on over to Boise and snap a few of my fam. just an idea.

  3. that is such a great picture! love it AND your blog ;)

  4. Hey, what's your email address so I can email you that pic with Annabelle in the background? Love you! And this picture is adorable!

  5. what an amazing shot! love it total. the colors against the brown & golden background are so fab. way to go lades. ♥


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