Saturday, April 23, 2011

I stopped reading your blog because you stopped posting.....

Corey said that to me this past week.

You are freaking rude Corey Johnson.

I have been in Arizona this past week.

I have some freaking cute pics to edit and post for those of you that still read my blog.

One of my besties had a birthday :)

I swear I will post more regularly.

I'm also thinking of a giveaway but I'm not sure what I want to give away.

Any suggestions?

I could have this print of myself done up real nice for one of you readers?

I'm thinking 24 x 30?

Aren't I special?

Photo compliments of Taylor Brown. She makes me laugh too hard to take a serious shot.



  1. youz my best friend. do i win it?! i lovee you lots!

  2. It's a lovely foto~
    Too bad you don't love me anymore...
    Ahhh....the heartbreakkk...


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