Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Point Blank. Period.

Here's the thing.

We go out to eat at least once during the week.

We usually go to Buffalo Wild Wings.

Tuesday is wing night.

There are times when I pretend that I am going to choose a different restaurant just to watch him squirm.

Then Corey looks at me with his big blue eyes and he says something stupid like;

"But Corey need wingy."
And I feel compelled to oblige.

This morning I noticed I had a missed call from him at 9:30 am.

He never calls during the school day.

And I knew right then and there that it was gonna be wing night.

Please excuse the crappy iphone pics.


So we headed up to Maplewood.

All the while I am eyeing Best Buy trying to figure out how to get them to replace my 'dance central' DVD that somehow got scratched.

We head on in to BWW's and here is where things get interesting.

I will warn you by saying that there will be some direct quotes.

While I don't promote profanity on my blog this convo cracked me up too much not to mention.

We always sit at the high tops that are half booth half table.

Sometimes you can be pretty close to the people at the table next to you and sometimes it's fun.

By fun I mean entertaining.

Corey and I are both 'people watchers'.

I go to the bathroom and when I come back I hear the tail end of a conversation Corey is having with the younger guy next to him.

By young I mean 24.

I hear the guy ask Corey, "so you just knew? really you just knew?"

Corey responds, "yeah, when it happens you just know. It's weird I can't describe it. I. Just. Knew."

Then we all went about our business at our separate tables.

Then the young man was greeted and joined by another man who turned out to be his brother.

The younger man turns to his brother and informs him that I am Corey's lady and that we are married.

So that's what they were talking about. Marriage.

They could not get over the fact that Corey and I  have been married for 3 years and kept congratulating us.

 3 years is not that long but I guess in this world marriage itself is something to be commended.

I practically needed a diaper to keep from wetting my pants. These guys were cracking us up.

While they weren't exactly "pro" marriage they seemed genuinely happy that Corey and I were married and still loved each other.

Then I heard about a 5 minute monologue from Corey.

Things I had never honestly heard him say before.

He said things like; "once you meet the right person marriage isn't scary."

"You guys haven't met the right girl. Trust me when you do it's so worth it."

He kept pointing at me and assuring them that he had met that girl.


He is not the best communicator. It was nice to hear him express these feelings and thoughts.

They still assured him that marriage wasn't for them and we all laughed.

Then the older brother started chastising us about being married for 3 years and not having children yet.

Corey replied with, "funny you should mention that we were discussing this on our drive over here."

the older one (by older, I mean 26) then informed us that having kids was the greatest. He had 7 year old twin girls and a baby girl on the way.

He kept commenting on how we haven't even had one and he's produced two at a time.

I kept cracking up that here we are discussing marriage and how its not for them but you start talking about kids and their hearts turned into melted butter.

The older one assured us that we were, "doing the right thing by getting married first so our kids wouldn't be 'bastards' like his."

I just about died.

Then the following 10 minutes they went on and on about illegitimate children.

Then they kept telling Corey it was time to 'plant his seed'.

I would like to say that Corey and I are so classy and that we found this conversation with strangers totally inappropriate.

But that would be a lie.

Honestly it might have been my favorite wing night ever?

It's weird though how the world delivers messages to you in ways you never expect.
Corey finally admitted to them that he was scared to be a dad.

The younger one responded by saying, "You should be its a big responsibility. But do you have good morals?"

Well yeah.

"Did you have a good dad?"

Corey says. "I had a great dad."

Then they informed Corey that there are parts of his dad inside of him and when he has babies of his own he will know what do, and what kind of man he wants to be.

I kid you not we had just had this convo in the car.

Corey had told me he was scared and I wanted to break down.

Of course we are both scared and nervous and excited etc.

Even talking about having babies brings up all kinds of emotions and feelings.

At the end of our dinner I asked the guys if I could take their picture.

They of course complied.

I held up my camera and then they posed "Three 6 Mafia" Style.

Their words not mine.

And yes, that is a chicken bone hanging out of the older brother's mouth.

I think this can be considered a pretty successful wing night.

Plenty of food for our bellies.

And plenty of food for thought.


**Post edit: Wondering where my blog title came from? The older brother would say this after making his points. ie "you need to plant your seed tonight. point blank. period."


  1. bahaahaha this post is fuuuuuuuuny! I totally pictured them white, but I guarantee it would not have been that funny if they were white. Point blank. Period.

  2. hahahahaha! this is one of the funniest posts ever. i love the brothers. you guys should meet up regularly for wing night.


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