Monday, May 18, 2009

Little Miss B

Bryton Lou
Oh, how I love you.
You turned 12 on Friday.
I can not even believe it.
You went to Young Women's on Sunday.

Make sure you listen in there.
Believe it or not those lessons prove to be helpful.

I have always admired your strong personality.
You have ALWAYS stood up for yourself and others.
When Corey taught at your school he told me
You always befriended kids that were alone on the playground
and at lunch.

That is so like you.
Thinking of others.

You are honestly one of the most thoughtful people I know.
You make me laugh all the time.
Like when you told me about the traveling group of children
that came to your school to teach you about
I am so glad to call you my cousin and friend.
You are so special.
What a nice addition you have made to our family.
I think Heavenly Father knew our family needed someone like you.
With a big heart.
You help the rest of us to remember how Heavenly Father wants us to treat each other.

I am excited for you to do Baptisms.
Make sure you pay attention in there B.
That is a very special experience you'll want to remember.
Remember how peaceful you feel.
It is such a great feeling.

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  1. Wow. Your family has amazingly gorgeous girls. And the best hair!


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