Monday, May 11, 2009

Q and A

You know what those bags are full of?


You know what my eyes are full of?


You know what my laundry room is missing?

A washer and dryer.

You know where I'm headed?

The JW laundry mat.

You know what you should do?

Come keep me company while I wash and fold wash and fold.
{unless you're the creepy guy from last week who asked to try on my underwear.}


  1. ahh, the laundry mat! all i can say is i'm sorry. i feel your pain. i just bought a 2nd laundry basket...big mistake. now i will just have double the laundry to do (10 loads instead of 5) bc i will wait until they are both stuffed to the rafters.

  2. I think you are the best blog writer ever! I actually stumbled upon your blog from reading Josh and Afton Welker's blog, and I found there's through Courtney McLaws, gotta love it. I want your email address, so I can get caught up with your life, email me it at I hope that you are doing well.

    P.S I never knew you had any siblings, I must have been really self centered when we hung out to not know that.
    How are your mom and John?

  3. You could put a donate button on your blog.....


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