Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh Precious, My Precious

My love, My love
I have to say,
May 15, 2008
Was a Happy Day.

It started off with a long drive to work
And ended with a check to the Maricopa clerk.

I was having a tough time trying to comprehend,
The 2 minute judge and 50 dollars to spend.

But then I thought about the money we saved,
Your endless love was all I craved.

Kristen and Lou were there to watch,
I prayed they didn’t notice the bulge in my……throat?

The previous stanza was an obvious joke,
Laugh a little and try hard not to croak.

We left the courtroom filled with joy,
And prayed to God our first kid is a boy.

We got in the car and drove quickly away,
To our first dinner together at the China Buffet.

We ended our supper with a fortune cookie,
And then went home for some serious nookie….

I awoke in the morning happy to see
The most beautiful woman there ever could be.

And now we embark on our journey together,
I just wish Twin Falls had some nicer weather.
Don’t you worry about the road ahead,
I promise to give you a kiss before bed.

Krystle is the best, you have to agree,
She’s by far the best thing to happen to me.

An Ode To My Love
By: Corey Johnson


  1. Oh my gosh, this is the sweetest thing EVER! What an adorable man! What a beautiful woman! Wishing you a glorious life together. May God continue to bless you abundantly. **blows kisses** Deborah

  2. OMG. you guys are just too precious. what a cute and clever couple you two make.

  3. OK, I am assuming this was written by Krystle. Then I read the part about the most beautiful woman and go WHAT. A quick backtrack and I got it all right. We love that you love Krystle so much.

  4. I did the same as Stacey. I really was confused. How impressive for a man to come up with this. And it's so similar to Krystle's style.

  5. Hey. I'm commenting. I finally logged on...
    Way cute poem! I read it the very first day you posted, but didn't comment. I thought it was special then too.
    Maybe me and Corey could write lots of poems and compose them into a book and make millions...
    Shel Silverstein...maybe??
    (Was that his name??)


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