Friday, June 5, 2009

"Home is where your heart is...

...So your real home's in your chest."

Bailey gets pretty depressed when she sees the suitcase come out.

It sounds ridiculous, but she knows what it means.

I always pack up and then sit with her on the couch before I leave.

It makes me so sad.

I cried the first 40 minutes of my drive.

I was still a little sad as I boarded the airplane.

Going away for a week was not as fun as it used to be.

I've become quite attached to my little home in Idaho.

I end up missing Corey and Bailey,

And I sometimes wonder how much longer I can do this.

Then when I passed through the security gates I was greeted by all of these faces.

I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest.

And I cried.

I felt really blessed.

I remembered how fun it is to trek it down to Arizona.

I work hard.

But in between working I get to hang out with some special people.

I get to play Apples to Apples with Brooke Ivy and Bryton.

P.S. Ivy Unicorns can be very confusing.

One night I even got to go to dinner with Kara, Aimee, Kenny and Ryan.

We headed back to my house to play a mean game of Rummikub.

Kenny was a bit confused so I allowed him to enlist the 3 best teammates I could think of.

I believe he won twice with the help of these girls.

It's convenient.

I also had pictures of Aimee, Kara and Ryan.

Those pictures were mysteriously deleted.

You know who you are.

How rude.

Tune in tomorrow for the rest of my Arizona adventures.


  1. I love how Lu-Dawg is the only one not turned around in the airport picture. ahahah

  2. I love rummikub, I'm up for a game anytime. Expect a text tomorrow, I missed you last time you were in town.

  3. I miss AZ. How fun to have people greet you when you come out of the terminal! I didn't know people still did that! We usually just drive by, open the door and have the visitor run along side the car..throwing their belongings in, and then themselves.

  4. **sniff** This was really sweet. You have a beautiful family. With really GREAT hair!

  5. How often do you visit AZ? Do you stay with your mom when you come into town? How long have you lived in Idaho and what brought you there? You are beautiful, I remember you being gorgeous in high school but, you look so comfortable in your own skin and you look GREAT!

  6. I didn't delete anything! Like I know how to work that camera. I think you did it and you didn't even realize it! Or maybe you didn't even take the picture. Something to think about.


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