Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"You're quite the baker."

That's what Corey just said to me.

I say it's amazing what talents you can discover within yourself.

Out of necessity.

I am so used to my gifted Mother being around when I'm craving a treat.

"Doesn't salsa sound good?" I ask.

There it is.

In her fridge the next time I go over.

When Corey volunteered me to make salsa for "Customer Appreciation Day,"

I started to call my Mom.

Then I remembered I live in Idaho now.

And she does not.
I'd have to make it myself.

Then Corey says.

"Hey, I signed up for a dessert tomorrow, maybe sugar cookies?"

I called Mother.

Corey left for work the next morning with these in tow.

Last week I tackled My Mother's banana cookie recipe.

And that's when I discovered I have potential to become....

"Quite the baker."



  1. Little Miss Krystle you are quite the baker, little miss Jilly better scoot over, and call Martha Stewart cuz Krystle is in the HOUSE and she's baking up a storm! As your Momma, I'm so proud of you and very proud that you are NEVER afraid to try something new. I have known all along that you had the "baker thing" you just had to bring it!! I love you so much and by the way, thanks for the treat you left on my pillow--it was a lot nicer than some of the things Bailey has left there. I love surprises like that and enjoyed every minute of it. Love you tons! Mom

  2. Krystle! Those cookies are beeeeuteeeeeful! You are certainly thriving in marriage.

  3. lulu, i don't appreciate that one bit! ok fine, krystle can bake, and decorate, and do hair and pretty much anything she wants...blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda.I get it :) And I'm so not surprised.

    ps. those cookies look delish. i like the frosting combo too.

  4. Krystle you are so talented. I am so happy that you are finding your inner baker. After 8 years of marriage I am still searching. Keep up the great wifely duties :)


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