Saturday, July 4, 2009

Little Miss Rylie

Little Miss Rylie

You are getting so big.

And Smiley.

Okay, maybe not smiley all the time?

You are super smiley when your mom shares secrets with you.

What was she whispering?

Maybe she was telling you how much we all love you.

Ya, that's probably it.

Taking your pictures was quite an adventure.

I may or may not have had just as much fun...

Sucking the helium out of your balloons with your mother.

Which you should never do Miss Rylie.

It kills your brain cells.


  1. You lucky little aunt you! A beautiful little niece to take pictures of, what a blessing!

  2. Fabulous pictures! You are really really GOOD! Beautiful baby! **kisskiss** Deborah

  3. For the record...I was not sucking that helium...I was just, um, putting the balloon up to my mouth...I mean, it appears that I am, but it's a lie.

  4. i guess we haven't 'official' met, but I am in cyber-lust with your blog! you must have like 12/13 vision or something to be able to catch life in such unexpected ways, i'm taking note, and how! Keep clicking!!

    earlier limn

  5. She is a PRETTY baby! I'm sure you already knew that though! Does your mom still have that decorating store?

  6. Cute pictures!! You need to come and take some pictures for us! Sorry we missed your birthday! I hope you had a great day. I am a little out of it lately and don't realize what day it really is! We love you and hope to see you soon!


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