Thursday, July 16, 2009

Father's Weekend

Okay so to be fair I guess you could say 'Father's Week' is technically now 'Father's Weekend'.

Trying to get Corey off my computer during the day is like trying to pry a corn dog from a fat kid at the state fair.

He is constantly searching for jobs. Constantly.

He just 'wants to get a job is all'. And you gotta respect that.

So for my first Father Post I shall be honoring you Dad.


To start off I have one question.

Were you absolutely terrified when you saw how big my ears were?

Don't lie.

I asked Corey the other day what he hoped for our children and he said;

"I hope they get my ears Krystle."


Don't deny it Corey. You can't take it back. What's done is done. What's said is said.

But it's okay cause I hope they get MY personality. (and hairline).

Dad I love that you are so tall. And strong.

I love that you are our # 1 fan. All the time.

I love that you encourage each of us to set goals. And to reach them.

I love that you study and read. I love that you are so knowledgeable.

I love that you embrace the fact that 5 out of 6 of your children are girls, instead of wishing for more boys.

I love that education is important to you.

I love your testimony. I love that you aren't afraid to share it.

I love that you believe in us. All the time. When we may not even believe in ourselves.

I love that you also see potential in us.

I love that you don't give up on us. Ever.

I love that you are so excited to finally be a Grandpa.

I love that you gave Ashley's kid cake even when she said no. Uncle Doug is so cool.

I love trips to the cabin with you. Even if it is in a lame motor home that says 'roughin' it smoothly' on the side.

I loved going fishing with you.

I love that you teach us to laugh at ourselves.

I am so grateful for you Dad.

I know it is a month late but Happy Father's Day again.

I love you.


  1. You are so dang funny! I love your stuff about your dad, he seems like a GREAT guy! Good luck to Corey in his job search! Where are you in Minnesota?

  2. This post is awesome Krystle! I love the picture of you and dad--it's so cute, even though I know you don't like your ears!!! Isn't it fun to see pictures through the ages??? Hope you can make it for A-belle's baptism--we'd love to see you!

  3. LOL! So cute! I love the shout out too! Thanks! I'm such a mean mommy....haha.

  4. Oh so sweet! Yes I rather like him as a father. I'm so glad you finally posted. I was gonna tell you that this was some "father's weel" but you mentioned it already. :)


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