Friday, July 10, 2009

Goodbye Twin Falls....



I will not miss you.

Funny story.

Corey and I were loading the couch into the back of the uhaul.

He decided he needed tennis shoes on. So we set the couch down on the driveway.

Corey is somewhat of a whiner. I mean seriously he needed closed toed shoes?

What a whimp.

I was thinking this all to myself while homeboy was inside lacing up his sneaks.

Forget it, I thought. I will load this couch by myself.

And then I did.

All while wearing my sparkle flip flops.

I had hoisted the couch into the back of the uhaul and was lounging on it when Corey reappeared outside.

"Did you seriously just load the couch by yourself? How'd you get it up there?" Corey inquired.

"Sure did princess. All while the neighbors watched." I replied.

That being said I would like to thank my audience of neighbors that observed as a 25 year old girl donning jeweled flip flops loaded her couch in a 17 foot uhaul by herself. I couldn't have done it without you. Oh wait.... I did.

We decided to move to Minnesota.

We are currently free loading and squatting in a basement belonging to Corey's brother.

The whole drive to Minnesota I prayed that we were making the right decision.

Upon arrival we were greeted by family that was excited to see us.

When we slid open the uhaul door it became some sort of neighbor magnet.

And they began helping.

I immediately felt peace.

I realized we were in a place where people were excited to have us and welcome us in.

I could not be more grateful for the people that helped us unpack and unhook our trailer.

I feel absolutely positive that we have made the right decision.

To my clients. Do not panic. I will still be down once a month. I love you too much.


  1. That's because people in MN are nice.

  2. No way! You are in Minnesota? What part? I am not too far from Minnesota, we should totally meet up sometime, it would be great to see you! What brings you to Minnesota? I am so excited for you and ah, I hope you are prepared for the humidity. Do you know about Allegiant airline They fly from Cedar Rapids, my airport to AZ for really cheap sometimes (like as low as $39, sometimes, other times $99 per way is average.)

  3. Oh sweetie, my heart hurts knowing now that you have been so unsettled. You are such a special person and I pray that God blesses you abundantly. My hubby is from Minnesota. All my love, Deb

  4. Wow sounds like a big move!! I love your story!! Maybe your hubby needed some princess power. Good luck in MN...maybe we will see ya back in AZ come winter time!!

  5. That's my girl loading the couch all by herself with flip-flops on no less. That's the Gehring blood coming out in you. We wait for NO One. Love your posts but miss you tons. XOXO MOM


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