Monday, July 13, 2009

I'll Go Where Hugo.....

Yesterday Mr. Johnson turned 33.

But since it's Father's Week I'd like to combine that in my post as well.

A post to my future children;

There are some thing you should know about your dad.

Things like...

You should know he will always close his eyes while making his birthday wish.

He's just old school like that.

He will always brag about what a 'phenomenal' golfer he is.

Then he'll make you go watch so he can prove it.

He is an amazing golfer.

He will always do his best at being your Dad.

He will love you the best he knows how.

He will teach you and help you grow to the best of his abilities.

He will do his best to provide you with tools to help you become successful well rounded adults.

He will always non-chalantly pose for pictures.

That's just how he rolls.

When you are feeling sad, or down and out....

He will always have a camp out with you.

Let's face it?

Who doesn't love a good camp out?

Corey and I camped out for our first 2 months in Utah.

I was missing my family in Arizona bad.

It was his way of cheering me up.

He will always listen to your problems.

WARNING: He is a problem solver so beware.

He will always have a 'contingency plan'.

He will always be so proud of you.

Proud to call you his children.

Proud to be your Dad.

Happy Birthday/Father's day

To the Love of my life and Father of my future children.

You are totally my BFF.


  1. You are soooooo adorable! So is your hubby. I hope you are settling in your new home.

  2. Too cute! Wpow he seemes like a great and funny guy! Hope you are doing well in a new place.

  3. OK, Corey is a good golfer. So far the only son-in-law that likes to golf.

  4. Hey, so I didn't know that the 12th was your B-day Corey--sorry! But I'll never forget again--I promise!


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