Monday, July 27, 2009

Everybody C.U.T.

Do you have one of these in your family?

It's a Crazy Uncle Timmy.
Get it?

In my opinion you probably should consider yourself deprived if your family is void someone so interesting.

Now let me tell you.

I have got quite a few crazy uncles.

But Tim Brown, you are one of my favorite.

You know him.

He's not the dad who jokes about pulling out the rifle when young men come to pick up his daughters.

He's the dad that actually does it.

Seriously though can you blame him?

He's the guy that wears shirts like the one pictured above.

Two guns blazing.

"Snitches are a dying breed."

So true Tim. So true.

He's the guy that hunts scorpions come summer time.

Literally hunts them.

Nat didn't believe us until we took her in the garage and showed her his gear.


That is a spatula and a trash picker upper.

The only piece missing is the black light which he straps to his head.

I am being serious.

Oh, did I mention he collects them in a big orange bucket?

Well he does.

Don't believe me?

See for yourself.

I dare you to enlarge these pictures.

I know its blurry but see how they glow via black light in the dark?

I believe he has over 150 in his bucket.

He's also the guy who grabs an identical bucket (empty) walks in the house and pretends to trip and spill them all over Grandma Sonja.

And she is the lady that screams/borderline cries and swears at him.

On Christmas he will always set the camera on a tripod and hit record.

He leaves it there all day long hoping to catch someone doing something embarrassing.

I always turn it off cause I know that someone will be me.

And that is the last thing I need.

Timmy owning visual proof of me doing something totally ridiculous.

No thanks.

I know you are thinking;

'Wow this guy is a little crazy'.

I have to tell you though.

He is also CRAZY about his family.

His children and wife will never doubt his love for them.

It manifests itself in everything he does.

I have never doubted that my Uncle Tim would do anything I asked.

Seriously don't double cross me.

He would probably burn your house down at my request.

Just kidding.

Or am I?

I think one of the reasons I love him most is because of the 5 awesome cousins he's given me.

I guess I owe Mysti for that too.

I have the best family.

Corey said to me once that he would have 12 kids if they were all like Tim and Mysti's.

I totally agreed.

Uncle Timmy is so much fun.

He can make you laugh like nobody's business.

I would like to think some of my cleverness was inherited from him.

Even though we don't share any genetics.

All that being said he may be eccentric.

And goofy.

Slightly ridiculous.

Totally crazy.

But I thought he was someone who deserved a little shout out.

I appreciate you Tim and you are totally my fave.


  1. Tim seems like so much fun! Aside from the picture with his tongue hanging out (only because the sight of tongues give me a bad case of diarrhea), I would totally adopt him for my own uncle. your writing is superb I laughed so loud my ferret, Sir Peckenpaw, gave me a look equivalent to giving me the middle finger!!

  2. What an awesome tribute to the "MAN" Timmy, I was cracking up he is quite an original guy, we all love him and anyone who knows him cannot question his love of his family, extended included. Good Job Kristal


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