Monday, July 20, 2009

Okay Seriously

Father's Weekend is not over but due to our move I lost the photos I really wanted to use for my next couple of posts. I will keep looking dilligently.

Until then I leave you with this.

Freakin' P90x.
Which I had been doing faithfully.
Until I got sick.
It seriously is one of the most challenging workouts I've ever done.
Tony and 'the team' like to finish off each work out with a high five.
Then they all yell in perfect unison "BRING IT!"
I like to finish off each work out by throwing up in a bucket.
Then yelling "HELP ME!"
Okay not really. But some days it feels like that.
I was real proud of myself for being so consistent and strong.
Then my cousin Taylor informed she just picked up a new little hobby herself.

If you will.

Really Taylor?

The Silk ropes?


You are totally ridiculous.

I mean really.
And I thought P90x was challenging.



  1. You just steam them tell they seal or you give them a boiling water bath and they seal that way too. Seriously silk ropes? Come on....From what iv read is there anything she CANT do?!

  2. Awesome!! I know they are great I watch the infamertials all the time!!! I might pick it up after I have this baby while I can't go back to the gym. Good Job!

  3. That looks like fun! Yea, for you for doing p90x, my brother and his wife do it. They looked amazing before and look even more so now, so I guess it's GREAT!

  4. GO Crystal....Your better than I...It looks too hard...I believe I would be puking in the bucket with you. :)

  5. P90x looks so hard and I have no desire to ever attempt it. I hope you feel better soon and find your pics.

  6. Wow!! Good for cuz Taylor! Silk set of ropes is no easy task I am sure. The only thing silk in mines life is my sheets right!I recall when Tae Bo starring Billy Blanks circa 1990s was da bomb! That p90x is taking over the world! I hear it is hardzcore,and gives a great bikini bod!! Good for you girl! Keepin it real,and keepin it real fit!!!!! Earlier

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  8. P90X. I have that and have not once tried it. I just like to watch the infommercials on TV and pretend like I could do it.

    And Taylor, WTH? That really is a joke right?


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