Monday, June 22, 2009

Got insurance?

Well somebody in Twin Falls does,

Cause C-dawg just sold his first policy.

Now, for a more important family update.

"I would like you to post on your blog how important I am! Chevron now has Diet Mt. Dew in the fountain. Just for me!!

--Mysti Brown

Way to go Mysti.

We are so proud of you and your Diet Mt. Dew addiction.

Look how excited she is.


  1. Way to go Corey! Having insurance is so awesome. I never realized it until I didnt have it.

    ps. mysti and sean should be friends. he loves the diet dewzers!

  2. ok, seriously? Seriously? you just asked me that question? Do you really not even know me anymore? Seriously. I'm making a post of my love, just for you :)
    by the way... my word verification right now is corysit.

  3. Way to go Corey! I know you both have put a lot of effort into this new adventure.


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