Sunday, June 7, 2009

One- upper

My last night in AZ Consisted of tie-dying shirts at Mysti's.

Oh what fun.

Mostly because Mysti got schoole
d by Nat and I.

I believe at one point she tossed this purple shirt on the counter and exclaimed....

"You always have to one up
me Krystle."

I can't quote her exactly because I on
ly speak like a lady.

We had to step in and show her just how it was done.

Rylie wanted in on the fun too.

So she tie-dyed herself this pink onesie.

Good Job baby Ry Ry

Did you have fun?


  1. Hahaha yes! I love part two! SO awesome!

  2. um. when did you do that and why wasn't i invited?

  3. Again, you have the most beautiful family...every single one of them. My, the baby is growing.


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