Monday, June 15, 2009

Right Now

I am really liking my bedroom.

Maybe almost too much.

I really like the old school clock on Corey's side.

The sitting/reading area on my side.

My lamp is probably my most favorite of all.

My favorite thing about the room is everything (including the chair) was less then $65.

I am becoming quite thrifty.

I am not done yet.

I need curtains.

I need art.

Any ideas?


  1. i love you style. where do you get all of your wonderful things?

  2. You are so darn CUTE! I want to hug you and hug you and squish you up!

  3. you make me sick. cutest room ever. why can i never ever spot sweet finds at the thrift store? love the pillows, LOVE the lamp, the clock/colorful books, love the chair/ottoman, love everything, love you.

  4. You have cute style, I love the pillows and the lamp! Someday I will be able to do our room the way I want.....*sigh*


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