Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh Medicine....

Oh my lovely Maddy.

My precious cousin.

Did you think I forgot about your special day?

Surely I did not.

It just happened to fall on Mother's day this year. I did not want to overshadow your birthday message with lovely pics of my mom from the 80's.


I hope you had a lovely Birthday. I can not believe you are 17.

It does not seem long ago when you finally came home from the hospital.

Accompanied by your oxygen tank and heart monitor.

You were such a fighter. You still are.

I watch you fight for what you believe in all the time. Fight for what you think is right.

We are so blessed to be your family.

You were such a special gift. Sent straight from Heavenly Father.

I know we used to tease you constantly.

Call you "medicine".

Joke about carrying around your oxygen tank.

Honestly Maddy I am thankful I had the chance to carry it.

It meant that you were alive. You were breathing. You were fighting. You were part of our family.

Don't think for one minute that our family would be the same without you.

Happy Birthday Preshy!


  1. This is sweet too. You are so blessed to be part of such a big, loving family.


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