Monday, March 7, 2011

A family Affair.....

Well I made you wait long enough for heavens sake.

I am going to sum it up so you can read this real quick then scroll down to the good stuff.

Wyley wanted to propose (don't know who I am talking about? Click here.)

He wanted to do it in a fun way at family dinner on Sunday February 13th.

And let me tell you we all feel pretty lucky that he included us.

So my lovely Aunt Mysti and I put our heads together to help him think of something clever.

Then I came up with the best idea.

Because, let's be honest I am totally the brains of that operation.

We staged a fake gift exchange.

Everything was rigged.

I was even sending Matti texts the day before going on about how I was lonely spending Valentine's Day in Arizona without Corey. So I told her I  wanted to do a gift exchange since my Valentine was states away.

I kept writing the texts like blasts texts pretending they were for everyone.

I think I even sent one that said "Everyone dress cute tomorrow because I am going to take pics and blog about our dinner/gift exchange."

She was so clueless.

Mysti was pretending to draw names, but really she was faking it and we each knew exactly what gifts we were supposed to pick up.

Matti went last because there was something EXTRA special in that very last box that was wrapped up all beautifully and perfect.

Enough words.... Enjoy the pics!






Please do me a favor and take a look at photo 6.

Do you see my sweet baby boy cousin wiping back his tears?

Because that is exactly what I see.

And you can't tell because it's sized down but in pic 10 is eyes are still glistening from being emotional.

I love that he is so sensitive.

We are so blessed to have him in our family.

We are also REALLY blessed to have Matti in our family now as well.

What a great addition she makes.

We couldn't be more excited.

Honestly, we couldn't.

***post edit: Yep I skipped number 7, 8, 9 in my collage. I am a spaz.  I did it mostly because I was in a hurry to snuggle with big "C" on the couch. Ooops.

**Side note: Some of the pics where he is proposing are out of focus. Why you ask? Because I was sobbing like a baby. It was hard to see if they were in focus or not! Oh and I wasn't using my own camera. But mostly because I was crying and couldn't see through my tears.


  1. hahah i noticed #6 before i read on he is so cute...awh i love wywy!! im sooo excited for him!!! i love them both!!

  2. oh my gosh. you are really a genius. this is so so so cute. thanks for including the notes about number 6. it makes it even more special and totally gave me chills!

  3. Yay! I'm glad I finally get to see pictures of this stupendous event. I love how you make the pictures into "will you marry me?" You little genius you.

  4. Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute omg cute

  5. Your so cute together,and your blog too,really!!!Following u,follow me back,if u like,on!

  6. I love me some Wy Wy and know that Mattison is perfect for him. We are extra excited that they are not getting married until Blake gets home

  7. sweetest. cousin. ever. so happy to be a quiet observer to this lovely little moment in their lives! great way to display it too :) hope you had a great monday! xoxo {av}


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