Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Snorey Corey

Here is the thing.

I am a night owl.

If you could even call it that.

I mean it's 3:15 in the am.

And here I am. Typing.

Here is the other thing.

I was asleep, warm, cozy, in my bed at 9:00 pm tonight.

Next thing I know the bedroom light switches on and Corey is in my face...

"Can I turn the light on?" um you just did.

"Where is the phone charger?" plugged in to the wall.

"Can you set your alarm for six?" i do every night love.

"Want to watch a movie with me on the laptop?" UGHHHHH

And by watch a movie he really means do I want to watch the movie while he starts snoring 30 seconds into it.

So sure enough 2 minutes later, there I lay. laptop on chest. Eyes wide open.

Corey snoring.


 Corey and Bailey taking a nap the very day she became part of our family

And now I am wide awake for the night.

Surprise. Surprise.

It's amazing how I can literally be up for hours after him and manage to sneak right into my bed without disturbing his deep slumber.

Sometime I wish he could do the same.

Then I start blog stalking and I stumble upon a story.

A story about a woman who just lost her husband to cancer.

Her two kids who just lost a father.

Here I am pouting on the couch.

I bet she would give anything to have her husband flick on the light and wake her from a deep slumber.

Then I realized I need to change my attitude.

Things in this life and life itself can be taken away so quickly, some things should just be gotten over.

And gotten over quickly.

I think I will stop pouting on the couch and sneak in to bed so quietly and give Corey an extra snuggle.


To visit the woman I wrote of earlier and read her story go here.

She is amazing.

And she needs our help.

So go visit the auction and see if there is something you need :)

Or spread the word by blogging or facebook-ing about it.

That could be any one of us.

Also were you wondering why I placed that heart over Corey's belly?

Well it's because he somewhat resembled the guy in the following picture.

And that's just not classy.


**Taken at the Phoenix airport last time I was flying back home. Stay classy Phoenix. Stay classy.


  1. You are just too cute!!! **giggles** Yes, we all need to do an attitude check now and then. Off to visit the blogger friend in need. Thanks for the uplift sweetie ♥♥♥ Deb

  2. You are so classy rystlekay. I miss you. This post was the bomb.

  3. so, pretty sure that's the story of my life... except that im the one snoring 30 seconds into the movie:) Poor Trey

  4. Very sweet post! I once was blog stalking and found myself in tears over an exact story as yours. My husband always wondered why I would continue to follow her blog. Something about being reminded not to take life for granted.

  5. I blog stalked once and found Nella Cordelia's birth story (you should look it up)...I still cry when I think about it. Lovely of you to post this.


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